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Luc Brouillet

Perennial herb, unarmed. Leaf: odd-1-pinnate; stipules scarious or leaflet-like, fragile or not, early-deciduous; leaflets 3–15, often ± opposite. Inflorescence: several-flowered umbel or 1–2-flowered, axillary, generally peduncled, often bracted. Flower: corolla yellow, white, or pink, fading darker; 9 filaments fused, 1 free. Fruit: dehiscent, exserted from calyx, linear to oblong, ± beaked. Seed: few–several.
± 11 species: southwestern Canada, western United States, Mexico to Guatemala, especially California. (D. Hosack, New York physician, botanist, mineralogist, 1769–1835) [Brouillet 2008 J Bot Res Inst Texas 2:387–394] Pollen apertures 3. Intermediates may be hybrids.
Unabridged references: [Isely 1981 Mem New York Bot Gard 25:128–206]

Key to Hosackia

1. Leaflets 3–5; corolla 8–10 mm; plant decumbent; North Coast Ranges ..... H. yollabolliensis

1' Leaflets (3)5–15; corolla generally 8–16 mm; plant generally ascending or erect; if leaflets < 5, not of North Coast Ranges

2. Leaf silky or canescent, gray or silvery; fruit glabrous ..... H. incana

2' Leaf glabrous or hairy, rarely gray or silvery; fruit generally hairy if leaf hairy

3. Peduncle bract 0 or just below umbel, generally simple or 2–3-parted; fruit 1.5–3 mm wide

4. Petal claw included to ± exserted from calyx tube; plant often hairy ..... H. oblongifolia

5. Leaflets 3–7, glabrous; corolla 8–9 mm; n Sierra Nevada Foothills (Calaveras Co.), s High Sierra Nevada (Tulare Co.), East of Sierra Nevada ..... var. cuprea

5' Leaflets 7–11, hairy or glabrous; corolla 9–13 mm; California Floristic Province, Modoc Plateau, Mojave Desert ..... var. oblongifolia

4' Petal claw exserted from calyx tube; plant ± glabrous

6. Corolla wings pink-purple, fading white; bracts generally 3-parted ..... H. gracilis

6' Corolla wings white; bracts 0 or generally simple ..... H. pinnata

3' Peduncle bract generally well below umbel, generally 3–5-parted, sometimes fragile, deciduous; fruit 3–5 mm wide

7. Hairs spreading, glandular or not; stipules often wide, leaflet-like, persistent, in age scarious or not; corolla pink to red-purple ..... H. stipularis

8. Stem wiry; stipules wide, clasping stem ..... var. ottleyi

8' Stem often fleshy; stipules narrow or wide, not or ± clasping stem ..... var. stipularis

7' Hairs generally ± 0 or appressed, rarely glandular; stipules scarious, fragile, not leaflet-like, generally some deciduous; corolla initially white, pink, or yellow-green

9. Flowers generally 6–10; corolla 10–12 mm, white or ± pink, in age striate, darker; pedicel 2–3 mm, ± longer in fruit; leaflet length 2–3 × width — North Coast, Outer North Coast Ranges, n High Sierra Nevada ..... H. rosea

9' Flowers generally 12–20; corolla 12–17 mm, yellow-green, dark-blotched in age; pedicel generally 3–6 mm, > 3 mm at least in fruit; leaflet length generally 1–2.5 × width ..... H. crassifolia

10. Plant glabrous or strigose; widespread except s Peninsular Ranges ..... var. crassifolia

10' Plant soft-hairy; s Peninsular Ranges (Otay Mtn, San Diego Co.) ..... var. otayensis


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