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Luc Brouillet

Perennial herb from caudex or rhizome, fibrous-rooted. Stem: decumbent to erect, 1–12 dm. Leaf: basal and/or cauline, alternate, entire or ± serrate, basal generally petioled, cauline generally sessile. Inflorescence: heads radiate, (1 or) in flat-topped to cyme-, raceme-, or panicle-like cluster; involucre narrowly to broadly bell-shaped; phyllaries graduated in 3–7 series, free, outer widely ovate to lanceolate, inner linear, obtuse to acute, ± white at base, green in distal 1/3–3/4, green zone basally truncate, at least inner pale-papery-margined; receptacle flat to convex, glabrous, epaleate. Ray flower: 5–60; corolla white to violet. Disk flower: 8–260; corolla yellow, often becoming pink- or purple-tinged, tube > or < throat; anthers yellow, often becoming pink- or purple-tinged, tips oblong to ± triangular; style branches flat on inner face, base ± warty, tip ± acute, minutely hairy. Fruit: ± compressed, 7–12-ribbed, glabrous or ± hairy, ± brown; pappus of ± barbed bristles, white to ± pink, yellow or brown.
22 species: North America, Eurasia. (Greek: eurys, wide, and baios, few, for leaves or rays of Eurybia macrophylla (L.) Cass.) [Brouillet 2006 FNANM 20:365–382]

Key to Eurybia

1. Stem distally glandular; disk corolla tube < throat; leaves entire, basal present at flower, > cauline ..... E. integrifolia

1' Stem hairy, not glandular; disk corolla tube >= throat; leaves entire to sharply toothed, basal and proximal cauline early-deciduous

2. Ray corolla purple to violet; leaf entire to minutely serrate, cauline with small earlike basal lobes or slightly clasping; stems decumbent to ascending, distally minutely soft-wavy-hairy; phyllary dark-purple-margined ..... E. merita

2' Ray corolla white to pale violet; leaf coarsely serrate, cauline often clasping; stems ascending to erect, ± densely long-soft-wavy-hairy; phyllary sometimes purple-margined ..... E. radulina


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