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Geraldine A. Allen

Perennial herb from woody caudex or short rhizome. Stem: generally erect, 1–16 dm. Leaf: cauline, alternate, proximal generally scale-like, main leaves generally entire. Inflorescence: heads radiate or discoid, 1 or in cyme- or panicle-like clusters; involucre obconic to hemispheric; phyllaries ± equal or graduated in 3–6 series, free, ± keeled, margins papery, pale, sometimes ± red-tipped; receptacle ± flat, pitted, epaleate. Ray flower: 0–13(21); corolla violet to pink or white. Disk flower: many; corolla, anthers generally yellow, tube < throat; anther tip ± triangular; style branches flat on inner face, base ± warty, tip acute, hairy. Fruit: generally ± flattened, ± 1–2-ribbed, ± brown, ± hairy; pappus of bristles, generally in 2 series (outer ± 1 mm, inner generally 5–10 mm), ± white to ± brown.
10 species: North America. (Greek: good head, describing involucre) [Allen 2006 FNANM 20:39–42]
Unabridged references: [Nesom 1994 Phytologia 77:141–297]

Key to Eucephalus

1. Ray flowers 5 or more (generally 5, 8, or 13)

2. Plant 5–15 dm; leaves 4–10 cm, green on faces, ± glabrous; ray white, ± becoming pink ..... E. engelmannii

2' Plant 2–8 dm; leaves <= 6(7) cm, abaxially pale green, ± tomentose, adaxially ± glabrous; ray violet to purple ..... E. ledophyllus var. covillei

1' Ray flowers generally 0–4

3. Ray flowers 0; phyllaries ± equal or unequal, linear to lance-oblong, acute to acuminate

4. Phyllaries ± equal; largest leaves 2–5 cm; pappus bristles in 1 series, all > 5 mm ..... E. breweri

4' Phyllaries unequal, outer << inner; largest leaves 5–9 cm; pappus bristles in 2 series, inner 5–10 mm, outer (at least a few) ± 1 mm ..... E. vialis

3' Ray flowers generally > 0 at least on some heads; phyllaries unequal, outer << inner, linear-oblong to ovate, acute

5. Leaves ± glabrous on faces ..... E. glabratus

5' Leaves ± glabrous adaxially, ± densely tomentose abaxially ..... E. tomentellus


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