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1. Ray flowers 0 ..... D. canescens var. shastensis (2)

1' Ray flowers present

2. Phyllary tips acute to long-acuminate, 1–6 mm; phyllaries generally hairy and/or glandular throughout ..... D. asteroides

3. Involucre hemispheric; phyllary tips long-acuminate, 3–6 mm; leaves of mid-stem serrate or minutely serrate ..... var. asteroides

3' Involucre widely obconic to ± hemispheric; phyllary tips acute to short-acuminate, 1–3 mm; leaves of mid-stem entire or nearly so ..... var. lagunensis

2' Phyllary tips acute to short-acuminate, 1–3 mm; phyllaries generally hairy and/or glandular only on green tips ..... D. canescens

4. Heads generally 14–20 mm; subshrub or long-lived perennial herb; e Peninsular Ranges (Santa Rosa Mtns) ..... var. ziegleri

4' Heads generally 6–12 mm; annual to short-lived perennial herb; widespread

5. Stems with stalked glands, occasionally also canescent-puberulent ..... var. leucanthemifolia

5' Stems canescent-puberulent, stalked glands sparse or lacking

6. Stems stiffly erect, <= 60 cm; branches many, stiff, spreading; heads many ..... var. incana

6' Stems various, generally smaller; branches generally fewer, more flexible, loosely spreading to ascending; heads few to many

7. Ray flowers with styles, fertile, well developed; involucre generally 8–12 mm; phyllaries generally in 5–10 series ..... var. canescens

7' Ray flowers without styles, sterile, often ± reduced; involucre 6–9 mm; phyllaries generally in 3–5 series ..... var. shastensis (2)


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