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1. Fruit dehiscent, generally flat, generally ± entirely exserted from calyx body, straight or ± curved, generally with straight or curved, 0.5–1.5 mm beak; annual, perennial herb

2. Perennial herb (except Acmispon strigosus); fruit straight or ± curved; wings generally > keel; stigma ± glabrous or finely hairy

3. Annual, generally prostrate, mat-forming; inflorescence generally 1–2-flowered; corolla 5–10 mm; leaf axis flat, ± blade-like; fruit generally curved near tip ..... A. strigosus (2)

3' Perennial herb or shrub-like, prostrate (mat-forming or not) to erect; inflorescence 1–9-flowered; corolla 7–25 mm; leaf axis not flat or blade-like; fruit generally straight (or curved throughout, rarely only at or near tip)

4. Leaf axis including petiole 10–35 mm; leaflets 7–9, 1–2.2 cm, length 1.5–3 × width ..... A. grandiflorus

5. Plant puberulent or soft-hairy; leaflets generally 1–1.5 cm ..... var. grandiflorus

5' Plant ± glabrous, finely strigose, or puberulent; leaflets generally 1.6–2.2 cm ..... var. macranthus

4' Leaf axis including petiole 1–8 mm; leaflets 3–5, < 1 cm and/or length > 3 × width

6. Shrub-like, ascending, (2)5–15 dm, finely strigose; corolla 12–24 mm ..... A. rigidus

6' Perennial herb, prostrate or low-ascending, 1–3 dm, silvery-silky or gray-puberulent; corolla 6–12 mm ..... A. argyraeus

7. Stem generally prostrate, mat-forming; calyx lobes ± 2 mm; San Bernardino Mountains, San Jacinto Mountains, Desert Mountains ..... var. argyraeus

7' Stem decumbent to low-ascending; calyx lobes 2–3 mm; Desert Mountains

8. Leaflet oblanceolate to obovate, length ± 3–4 × width; New York Mtns ..... var. multicaulis

8' Leaflet obovate, length ± 2 × width; Providence Mtns ..... var. notitius

2' Annual; fruit generally straight; wings generally ± <= keel; stigma glabrous or puberulent

9. Flowers generally 1 per leaf axil; peduncle << 1 cm, bracts 0

10. Corolla white, pale yellow, or pink, often darkening in age; plant generally ascending to erect and calyx lobes < 2 × tube, or rarely prostrate and calyx lobes generally > 2 × tube

11. Plant generally 1–4 dm; calyx lobes ± 1.5 × tube ..... A. denticulatus

11' Plant < 1 dm; calyx lobes ± 2 × tube ..... A. rubriflorus

10' Corolla yellow, reddening in age; plant prostrate to low-ascending; calyx lobes 0.8–2 × tube

12. Calyx lobes 1–2 × tube; fruit generally 3–4 mm wide; plant generally with soft, spreading hairs ..... A. brachycarpus

12' Calyx lobes ± 0.8–1.2 × tube; fruit generally 2.3–3 mm wide; plant ± strigose or hairs soft, spreading ..... A. wrangelianus

9' Flowers 1–several per leaf axil; peduncle generally > 1 cm, generally bracted

13. Inflorescence generally 2–4-flowered (1st-formed often 1–2-flowered); leaflets 3–7, obovate to ± round, terminal generally largest ..... A. maritimus

14. Corolla 3.5–5 mm, keel > other petals; fruit 1–1.5 cm, becoming narrowed between seeds ..... var. brevivexillus

14' Corolla 6–10 mm, keel ± = other petals; fruit 1.5–3 cm, not narrowed between seeds ..... var. maritimus

13' Inflorescence generally 1-flowered; leaflets 1–9, lanceolate to obovate, ± equal

15. Calyx lobes >> tube; leaflets generally 3 (upper leaves often simple) ..... A. americanus var. americanus

15' Calyx lobes ± <= tube; leaflets 3–9

16. Stem ascending to erect; leaf axis sometimes ± flat; corolla pink or salmon, quickly fading; fruit straight, margin often wavy ..... A. parviflorus

16' Stem prostrate, often mat-forming; leaf axis flat; corolla yellow; fruit generally curved near tip, margin not wavy ..... A. strigosus (2)

1' Fruit indehiscent, generally not flat, generally included or ± exserted (sometimes exserted) from calyx body, curved most of length, generally with curved, 2–3 mm beak; generally perennial herb

17. Annual, perennial herb, prostrate, decumbent, or ascending; young growth ± not hairy; corolla 3–7 mm; fruit exserted; South Coast Ranges, Southwestern California, generally s of Los Angeles

18. Inflorescence ± sessile; s South Coast Ranges, Southwestern California ..... A. micranthus

18' Inflorescence peduncled; s South Coast (San Diego Co.) ..... A. prostratus

17' Perennial herb, shrub, prostrate to erect; young growth hairy if plant blooming 1st year or flowers < 7 mm; fruit included or exserted; widespread, including Southwestern California

19. Perennial herb, shrub; Channel Islands

20. Calyx shaggy-hairy; fruit included (except slowly elongating beak); leaf generally silvery-silky with fine, straight, ultimately wavy or tangled hairs ..... A. argophyllus (2)

21. Inflorescence peduncled, not crowded; calyx lobes 1.5–2.5 mm; stem prostrate to ascending ..... var. argenteus

21' Inflorescence ± sessile, crowded at stem tip; calyx lobes 2.5–5 mm; stem ascending to erect

22. Stem generally erect; leaves overlapping; calyx lobes ± 2.5–4 mm; s Channel Islands (San Clemente Island) ..... var. adsurgens

22' Stem generally ascending; leaves not overlapping; calyx lobes 2.5–5 mm; n Channel Islands (Santa Cruz Island) ..... var. niveus

20' Calyx ± glabrous or strigose; fruit soon-exserted; leaf green or gray, sparsely or densely strigose or silky ..... A. dendroideus

23. Leaflets 3, densely strigose or ± silky, generally gray; n Channel Islands (San Miguel Island) ..... var. veatchii

23' Leaflets 3–5, finely or sparsely strigose, green; Channel Islands (except San Miguel Island)

24. Fruit 1–1.5 cm; peduncle bract 0; Channel Islands (except San Miguel, San Clemente Islands) ..... var. dendroideus

24' Fruit 2.5–5 cm; peduncle bract generally pres; s Channel Islands (San Clemente Island) ..... var. traskiae

19' Perennial herb (except Acmispon glaber); mainland

25. Leaflets 3; inflorescence 1–3-flowered, ± sessile

26. Leaflet 2–5 mm; fruit 6–9 mm; uncommon, se Peninsular Ranges, sw Sonoran Desert ..... A. haydonii

26' Leaflet 4–15 mm; fruit 10–15 mm; widespread, including Peninsular Ranges

27. Calyx glabrous (see couplet 31 for varieties) ..... A. glaber (2)

27' Calyx strigose ..... A. procumbens

28. Corolla 9–12 mm; calyx 4–6 mm, lobes ± = tube; s Sierra Nevada ..... var. jepsonii

28' Corolla 6–8 mm; calyx 2–3 mm, lobes << tube; not s Sierra Nevada ..... var. procumbens

25' Leaflets >= 3; inflorescence 2–15-flowered, sessile or peduncled

29. Leaflet glabrous or finely strigose, generally green; hairs straight or ± wavy

30. Plants generally ascending to erect (some on immediate coast prostrate), bushy-branched, 5–20 dm; stem sparsely leafy; corolla yellow; calyx lobes generally 1–2 mm, not curved outward; coastal and inland ..... A. glaber (2)

31. Keel prominent, > wings; corolla generally 8–9 mm; generally inland, Southwestern California, Sonoran Desert ..... var. brevialatus

31' Keel not prominent, ± = wings; corolla 7–12 mm; coastal and inland, North Coast, North Coast Ranges, n Sierra Nevada Foothills, Central Coast, San Francisco Bay Area, South Coast, Western Transverse Ranges, Peninsular Ranges ..... var. glaber

30' Plants prostrate or low-ascending, < 10 dm; stem leafy; corolla pink-white or yellow; calyx lobes generally < 1 mm or curved outward; especially coastal

32. Calyx lobes narrow, some or all curved outward or hooked; corolla generally white to ± pink (to brick-red when dry) ..... A. cytisoides

32' Calyx lobes wide, straight, not hooked; corolla yellow ..... A. junceus

33. Peduncles 8–25 mm; stem often wiry, generally decumbent; fruit well exserted ..... var. biolettii

33' Peduncles 1–5 mm; stem generally stout, prostrate to ascending; fruit ± exserted ..... var. junceus

29' Leaflet hairy, green, gray, or silvery; hairs straight or wavy

34. Stem, especially near tip, generally with spreading or obliquely directed, often straight, stiff hairs < 0.5 mm; corolla 4–6 mm; coastal and inland ..... A. heermannii

35. Corolla generally 4–5 mm; ovary generally finely strigose; South Coast, San Bernardino Mountains, Peninsular Ranges, Sonoran Desert ..... var. heermannii

35' Corolla generally 5–6 mm; ovary generally soft spreading-hairy; North Coast, Outer North Coast Ranges, Central Coast, Outer South Coast Ranges ..... var. orbicularis

34' Stem generally strigose or with ± spreading, often wavy hairs 0.2–0.4 mm; corolla 5–12 mm; especially inland

36. Fruit exserted; leaflet hairs generally wavy, not obscuring surface; leaves gray or green ..... A. nevadensis

37. Flowers generally 3–5 per inflorescence; calyx 6–7 mm, appearing blocky; banner abruptly upcurved 90° Transverse Ranges, ne Peninsular Ranges ..... var. davidsonii

37' Flowers generally 5–12 per inflorescence; calyx 5–10 mm, not appearing blocky; banner upcurved 30–90° Klamath Ranges, North Coast Ranges, Cascade Range, Sierra Nevada, Central Coast, South Coast, w Peninsular Ranges, Desert Mountains ..... var. nevadensis

36' Fruit included or ± exserted; leaflet hairs generally straight, tangled in age, generally obscuring surface; leaves silky-silvery ..... A. argophyllus (2)

38. Inflorescence generally < 1 cm wide, 4–8-flowered; corolla 6–10 mm; especially c Sierra Nevada and s ..... var. argophyllus

38' Inflorescence often ± 1.5 cm wide, 10–15-flowered; corolla 8–12 mm; n Sierra Nevada ..... var. fremontii


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