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Bruce G. Baldwin, adapted from Strother (2006)

Annual, coarse, 10–200+ cm. Stem: erect, branched; nodal spines present or 0. Leaf: generally alternate (proximal 2–6 occasionally opposite), petioled or distal sessile, linear to nearly round, often ± palmately or pinnately lobed, ultimate margins entire or ± toothed, faces minutely coarse-hairy or ± strigose, generally gland-dotted. Inflorescence: heads unisexual, 1, axillary or in raceme- to spike-like clusters, pistillate generally proximal, staminate generally distal. Pistillate head 2–5+ mm diam at flower, 6–20+ mm diam in fruit, ± ellipsoid; bracts 30–75+ in 6–12+ series, all proximally fused or outer 5–8 free, tips free, mostly ± hooked except distal 1–3 (generally longer, stouter), together becoming a hard, prickly bur. Staminate head 3–5 mm diam; involucre ± saucer-shaped, phyllaries 6–16+ in 1–2+ series, free, ± 1 mm; receptacle conic to columnar, paleae spoon-shaped to wedge-shaped or linear, membranous, distally ± soft-hairy or minutely coarse-hairy. Pistillate flower: 2: corolla 0, style tips linear, exserted. Staminate flower: 20–150+; corolla ± funnel-shaped, ± white, lobes 4–5, erect or reflexed, filaments fused, anthers free or weakly fused; style tip undivided. Fruit: fusiform, black, enclosed in obovoid to ellipsoid, 2-chambered bur; pappus 0.
2–3 species: ± worldwide; native to New World. (Greek: yellow, from fruit-extract dye) [Strother 2006 FNANM 21:19–20]

Key to Xanthium

1. Nodal spines present, generally 3-lobed, 15–30+ mm, golden; leaf blade ± lanceolate to ovate or lance-linear, abaxially densely strigose, gray to white ..... X. spinosum

1' Nodal spines 0; leaf blade nearly round to ± pentagonal or deltate, abaxially minutely coarse-hairy, green ..... X. strumarium


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