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Key to Wyethia

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1. Heads discoid (or ray flowers rarely 1–3) ..... W. invenusta

1' Heads radiate, ray flowers 5–21+

2. Basal leaves 0 on flowering stems (or generally < cauline leaves)

3. Outer phyllaries many, generally not leaf-like, generally < 6 mm wide; involucre hemispheric; plant generally > 5 dm

4. Plant densely soft-hairy; fruit 8–12 mm, glabrous or distally short-hairy; pappus (0.5)1–3 mm ..... W. elata

4' Plant scabrous and sparsely bristly; fruit 5–6 mm, glabrous; pappus 0 or minute ..... W. reticulata

3' Outer phyllaries 4–6, ± leaf-like, generally 6–17 mm wide; involucre bell-shaped; plant generally 1–3(5) dm

5. Head 1; leaves glabrous; pappus 0 or a crown 0.1–0.3 mm ..... W. bolanderi

5' Heads generally several; young leaves tomentose; pappus a crown of triangular scales 1–1.5 mm ..... W. ovata

2' Basal leaves present on flowering stems, generally > cauline leaves

6. Outer phyllaries wide, leaf-like, generally >> inner; head generally 1(2), large

7. Plant shiny green, glabrous or sparsely short-hairy, glandular; phyllaries glabrous or glandular; fruit 10–13 mm ..... W. glabra

7' Plant densely tomentose, often becoming ± glabrous; phyllaries persistently tomentose; fruit 12–15 mm ..... W. helenioides

6' Outer phyllaries narrow, generally not or barely leaf-like, generally barely or not > inner; heads 1–few

8. Plant ± tomentose, often becoming glabrous; phyllaries generally few ..... W. mollis

8' Plant glabrous to short-hairy; phyllaries generally many

9. Phyllaries ± soft-hairy, ciliate; head generally 1 ..... W. angustifolia

9' Phyllaries glabrous or puberulent, margins occasionally ± puberulent, not ciliate; heads 1–4 ..... W. longicaulis


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