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David J. Keil & G. Ledyard Stebbins

Annual, biennial [perennial herb] from strong taproot; herbage ± glabrous in California; sap milky. Stem: branches few, stiffly ascending. Leaf: basal and cauline, alternate, sessile, sheathing, entire, grass-like. Inflorescence: heads liguliflorous, 1, generally closed by mid-day; peduncle long, bractless; involucre cylindric, urn-shaped, or narrowly conic in bud, ± bell-shaped in flower; phyllaries in 1 series, linear to lanceolate, acute, reflexed in fruit; receptacle flat to convex, pitted, epaleate. Flower: corolla yellow to bronze or purple; ligules readily withering. Fruit: 2.5–3 cm, cylindric or ± fusiform, 5–10-ribbed, ribs generally roughened; beak stout, > body; pappus of stout plumose bristles, 2° bristles tangled, tips of a few 1° bristles exceeding others, unbranched; fruits spreading, forming spheric ball 4–5 cm diam.
± 150 species: Eurasia, Mediterranean, northern Africa, widely naturalized (hybrid species have evolved from aliens in western North America). (Greek: goat's beard) [Soltis 2006 FNANM 19:303–306]
Unabridged references: [Soltis et al. 2004 Biol J Linn Soc 82:485–501]
Unabridged note: Allotetraploid hybrid species Tragopogon mirus Ownbey (Tragopogon dubius × Tragopogon porrifolius) and Tragopogon miscellus Ownbey (Tragopogon pratensis × Tragopogon dubius) have originated (apparently multiple times) in western North America. Neither has yet been reported from California, but may be expected, especially where parental species co-occur. Hybrids variably combine features of parents.

Key to Tragopogon

1. Corolla purple; phyllaries >= flowers ..... T. porrifolius

1' Corolla pale to bright yellow; phyllaries < to >> flowers

2. Peduncles in flower much wider distally; corolla pale lemon-yellow; ligules of outer flowers much exceeded by phyllaries ..... T. dubius

2' Peduncles in flower not or slightly wider distally; corolla bright yellow; ligules of outer flowers exceeding phyllaries or at same level ..... T. pratensis


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