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Key to Tetradymia

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1. Stem unarmed (leaves not forming spines)

2. Flowers (5)6–9 per head; pappus 0 (but fruit covered with long, pappus-like hairs); axillary leaf clusters generally 0 ..... T. comosa (2)

2' Flowers 4(5) per head; pappus present; axillary leaf clusters generally present

3. Main leaves tomentose or silvery; clustered leaves ± (ob)lanceolate ..... T. canescens

3' Main leaves glabrous or sparsely tomentose; clustered leaves thread-like to linear-oblanceolate

4. Main leaves narrowly awl-shaped, stiffly ascending or appressed, generally 5–10 mm; clustered leaves generally 3–10 mm, glabrous; fruit generally 3–4 mm, short-stiff-hairy; pappus of ± 100 bristles ..... T. glabrata

4' Main leaves ± thread-like, soft, 10–40 mm; clustered leaves generally 10–20 mm, loosely tomentose; fruit 5–6 mm, long-soft-hairy; pappus of ± 20 stiff bristles or slender scales (± hidden by fruit hairs) ..... T. tetrameres

1' Stem armed with spines derived from main leaves

5. Fruit glabrous, 2.5–3.5 mm ..... T. argyraea

5' Fruit ± long-soft-hairy, 4–8 mm

6. Main leaves narrowly (ob)lanceolate, finally deciduous, base not hardened; pappus 0 ..... T. comosa (2)

6' Main leaves tapered to tip, persistent as stout spines, base expanded, hardened; pappus present

7. Clustered leaves tomentose or silvery-hairy; fruit ± short-hairy; pappus of many fine bristles 9–12 mm ..... T. stenolepis

7' Clustered leaves ± glabrous; fruit densely long-hairy; pappus of ± 25 slender scales 6–9 mm

8. Spines sharply recurved, 5–25 mm, tomentose; involucre generally 8–12 mm, ± bell-shaped; fruit generally 6–8 mm ..... T. spinosa

8' Spines straight, (1)2–5 cm, becoming glabrous; involucre generally 7–9 mm, obconic; fruit generally 4–5 mm ..... T. axillaris

9. Involucre and peduncle glabrous; fruit hairs generally 6–8 mm ..... var. axillaris

9' Involucre and peduncle tomentose; fruit hairs generally 9–11 mm ..... var. longispina


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