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Luc Brouillet

Perennial herb from taproot; sap milky. Stem: 0. Leaf: simple, basal, blades oblong to obovate, oblanceolate or linear-oblanceolate, with large distal lobe or not, ± toothed or pinnately lobed. Inflorescence: heads liguliflorous, 1, scapes unbranched, hollow; involucre cylindric to bell-shaped (urn-shaped in fruit); outer phyllaries (6)8–18(20), graduated in 2–3 series, erect or reflexed, ovate to lanceolate, tips horned or not; main phyllaries 7–25 in 2(3) series, equal, erect, spreading to reflexed in fruit, linear, tips horned or not, margin often scarious, irregularly toothed; receptacle ± flat, glabrous, epaleate. Flower: (15)20–150; ligules yellow, readily withering. Fruit: oblanceoloid to obovoid, with slender beak >> body, 4–12-ribbed, ribs sharply roughened, glabrous; pappus of 50–150, white, slender, minutely barbed bristles.
60(2000) species, many reproducing by asexually produced seeds: Eurasia, North America, South America, ± worldwide as weeds. (Arabic to Persian: bitter herb) [Brouillet 2006 FNANM 19:239–252]

Key to Taraxacum

1. Leaves toothed or shallowly lobed, sessile or petioles widely winged; outer phyllaries erect, lanceolate to widely ovate; main phyllaries (10)12–16(17)

2. Tips of outer and main phyllaries generally not horned; San Bernardino Mountains ..... T. californicum

2' Tips of outer and main phyllaries often with horn-like appendages; White and Inyo Mountains ..... T. ceratophorum

1' Leaves of flower plants generally sharply cut, lobes often ± toothed or with 2° lobes, petioles ± narrowly winged; outer phyllaries reflexed, lanceolate; main phyllaries 13–19

3. Fruit red to ± red-brown or purple; leaves generally sharply cut; petioles slightly winged distally ..... T. erythrospermum

3' Fruit olive or olive-brown to straw-colored or ± gray; leaves ± widely lobed, or occasionally sharply cut; petioles ± winged ..... T. officinale


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