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Key to Stephanomeria

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1. Perennial herb from woody caudex or from stout or slender rhizome

2. Flowers 4–6(8); cauline leaves generally much reduced, bract-like, generally withered at flower

3. Plant from woody caudex; pappus bristles generally tan, plumose on distal 80% ..... S. pauciflora

3' Plant from rhizome; pappus bristles white, wholly plumose ..... S. tenuifolia

2' Flowers 7–21; cauline leaves persistent, green at flower

4. Plant from woody caudex; leaves 10–20 cm; young herbage tomentose; phyllaries many, graduated in several series; receptacle pitted ..... S. cichoriacea

4' Plant from rhizome; herbage glabrous or sparsely hairy; phyllaries in 2 series, inner long, outer < 1/2 × inner; receptacle smooth

5. Leaf margins not thickened, spines 0; leaves 3–8 cm; pappus bristles wholly plumose; dry forest, n California ..... S. lactucina

5' Leaf margins thickened, with minute spines; leaves 2–8 cm; pappus bristles plumose on distal 80%; East of Sierra Nevada, Mojave Desert ..... S. parryi

1' Annual, taprooted

6. Fruit without long groove on each face ..... S. virgata

7. Outer phyllaries appressed; flowers 5–6; California Floristic Province, Great Basin Floristic Province ..... subsp. pleurocarpa

7' Outer phyllaries reflexed; flowers 8–9; Outer South Coast Ranges, Southwestern California ..... subsp. virgata

6' Fruit with long groove on each face

8. Heads in small, ± open panicle-like clusters from nodes along branches; peduncles 10–40 mm ..... S. exigua (2)

9. Outer phyllaries reflexed — Central Coast, South Coast Ranges ..... subsp. carotifera

9' Outer phyllaries appressed

10. Peduncles, involucres densely glandular; South Coast, Peninsular Ranges ..... subsp. deanei

10' Peduncles, involucres glabrous or sparsely glandular; Great Basin Floristic Province, Desert ..... subsp. exigua

8' Heads 1 or in clusters on spreading peduncles <= 10 mm, from nodes along branches

11. Pappus bristles wholly plumose or at least to widened bases

12. Outer phyllaries reflexed (appressed); flowers 9–15; widespread ..... S. elata

12' Outer phyllaries appressed; flowers 5; Klamath Ranges, High Cascade Range, n Sierra Nevada, Modoc Plateau ..... S. paniculata

11' Pappus bristles plumose on distal 60–85%, widened at base or not

13. Flowers 11–13; fruit 1.9–2.3 mm; pappus bristles plumose on distal 80–85%, not widened at bases, entirely deciduous — South Coast, Channel Islands, Western Transverse Ranges, Peninsular Ranges ..... S. diegensis

13' Flowers 5–11; fruit 2.3–6.5 mm; pappus bristles plumose on distal 60–85%, bases generally widened, generally only bristle bases persistent ..... S. exigua (2)

14. Outer phyllaries appressed; peduncles generally 2–5 mm (<= 20 mm on Sierra Nevada eastern slope and to north and east); widespread ..... subsp. coronaria

14' Outer phyllaries reflexed; peduncles 5–10 mm; c&s Sierra Nevada Foothills ..... subsp. macrocarpa


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