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Lowell E. Urbatsch

Perennial herb to subshrub, taprooted, ± mat or mound-forming, from branched caudex; glabrous or scabrous to tomentose, sometimes ± stalked-glandular. Stem: flowering stems generally erect to spreading, generally unbranched, proximal 1/4–2/3 bearing often many, crowded leaves. Leaf: alternate, basal persisting 2–3 years, 2–10 cm, linear to oblanceolate, tapered to ± indefinite petiole, entire, 1–3-veined. Inflorescence: heads radiate, generally 1 (2–4 in ± flat-topped cluster); peduncle < 15 cm; involucre hemispheric; phyllaries weakly graduated in 2–3 series, linear to ± ovate, ± leaf-like, bases sometimes papery, tips acute to acuminate; receptacle convex, pitted, epaleate. Ray flower: 6–20; corolla yellow. Disk flower: 25–50; corolla 6–7.5 mm, funnel-shaped, yellow; anther tip narrowly triangular; style tips long tapered, appendage length 2–4 × width. Fruit: 2.4–6 mm, glabrous to densely silky; pappus of soft bristles <= 10 mm.
± 3 species: western North America. (Greek: narrowness, for leaf width) [Morse 2006 FNANM 20:174–177] Other sp. of Stenotus in TJM (1993) [Stenotus stenophyllus (A. Gray) Greene] now treated in Nestotus.

Key to Stenotus

1. Stem and leaves glabrous or scabrous; glandless or stalked-glandular, sometimes sticky; taproot generally well developed, stout; leaves rigid ..... S. acaulis

1' Stem and leaves ± tomentose with crinkled, shaggy hairs; glandless to sparsely stalked-glandular proximal to head; taproot weakly developed, branched; leaves ± flexible ..... S. lanuginosus var. lanuginosus


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