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Timothy K. Lowrey & Elizabeth McClintock

Perennial herb or subshrub, generally aromatic, silky; hairs basally forked, attached off-center; herbage dotted with resin glands. Leaf: alternate, often crowded at base; entire or 3-lobed to 1–3-pinnately dissected. Inflorescence: heads disciform, 1–many; involucre hemispheric or bell-shaped; phyllaries graduated in 2–3 series, scarious-margined and -tipped; receptacle hemispheric, glabrous or hairy, epaleate. Pistillate flower: 4–15+, marginal; corolla narrowly tubular, lobes generally 3. Disk flower: 30–50; corolla tubular to bell-shaped; anther base rounded or ± cordate, tip awl-shaped to lanceolate or ovate; style tips truncate, brush-like. Fruit: cylindric, 2–3- or 5–10-ribbed; pappus generally 0 or a narrow crown of awl-shaped scales.
9 species: western North America. (Greek: sphere + division) [Lowrey & Shultz 2006 FNANM 19:499–502] Recent studies place Sphaeromeria in Artemisia (Garcia et al. 2011 Amer J Bot 98:638–653).
Unabridged references: [Holmgren et al. 1976 Brittonia 28:255–262]

Key to Sphaeromeria

1. Subshrub; leaves entire or 3–4-lobed; disk corolla yellow-white; receptacle glabrous ..... S. cana

1' Perennial herb from long, thick woody caudex; leaves 1–3-pinnately divided; disk corolla yellow; receptacle with white curly hairs 0.5–1 mm ..... S. potentilloides

2. Stems nearly leafless; basal leaves generally 1-pinnately divided; heads 1–3(4) ..... var. nitrophila

2' Stems leafy; basal leaves generally 2–3-pinnately divided; heads (3)4–20 ..... var. potentilloides


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