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Key to Sonchus

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1. Perennial herb from long rhizomes; fruit ± compressed, 3–4-angled, 2-ribbed between angles ..... S. arvensis

2. Peduncles and phyllaries stalked-glandular ..... [subsp. arvensis]]

2' Peduncles and phyllaries generally sessile-glandular, rarely tomentose ..... subsp. uliginosus

1' Annual from taproots; fruit weakly to strongly flattened

3. Stem slender; leaves deeply lobed, lobes toothed and often with smaller 2° lobes; fruit only slightly flattened, transversely roughened; ligule > corolla tube; uncommon ..... S. tenerrimus

3' Stem stout; leaves toothed or with wide lobes; fruit flat, with thin edges, smooth or cross-roughened; ligule <= corolla tube; widespread and common

4. Proximal (clasping) lobes of leaves rounded, strongly curved to coiled; fruit 3-ribbed per side, otherwise smooth; ligule < corolla tube ..... S. asper subsp. asper

4' Proximal (clasping) lobes of leaves acute; fruit 2–4-ribbed and cross-wrinkled; ligule ± = corolla tube ..... S. oleraceus


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