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1. Mid-cauline leaves largest

2. Peduncle bracts, and/or phyllaries sparsely to moderately minutely stalked-glandular; stem generally glabrous proximally; inflorescence pyramid-shaped, proximal branches not crowded; n High Sierra Nevada, Modoc Plateau ..... S. lepida var. salebrosa

2' Inflorescence not glandular; stem ± hairy to base, not waxy distally; inflorescence pyramid- or club-shaped; widespread

3. Inflorescence ± widely pyramid-shaped; involucre 3–5 mm; leaves weakly serrate; disturbed sites ..... S. altissima subsp. altissima

3' Inflorescence ± club-shaped; involucre 2.5–3.5 mm; leaves generally serrate; ± undisturbed sites ..... S. elongata

1' Proximal cauline or basal leaves largest

4. Inflorescence generally flat- to round-topped; phyllaries long-acuminate, not strongly graduated; leaf generally long-ciliate ..... S. multiradiata

4' Inflorescence generally panicle- or raceme-like, generally ± pyramid- or club-shaped, but not flat- or round-topped; phyllaries obtuse, rounded, acute or acuminate, ± strongly graduated; leaf not long-ciliate

5. Leaves and heads strongly resinous; North Coast, Outer North Coast Ranges, Inner North Coast Ranges, Central Coast, San Francisco Bay Area ..... S. spathulata

5' Leaves and heads not strongly resinous; widespread

6. Herbage sparsely to densely short-hairy; distal nodes without axillary leaf-clusters ..... S. velutina

7. Herbage ± densely short-hairy; outer phyllaries strigose; disk corolla throat obscure ..... subsp. californica

7' Herbage ± sparsely short-hairy; outer phyllaries ± glabrous; disk corolla throat ± obvious ..... subsp. sparsiflora

6' Herbage ± glabrous; distal nodes often with axillary leaf-clusters

8. Phyllaries lanceolate to ± ovate, not inrolled, obtuse to acuminate; rays 6–21; Klamath Ranges, High Cascade Range, n High Sierra Nevada (e slope), Great Basin Floristic Province ..... S. spectabilis

8' Phyllaries very narrowly triangular, inrolled near tip, sharply acute; rays 3–13; Tehachapi Mountain Area, Central Western California, Southwestern California, White and Inyo Mountains, n Desert Mountains

9. Leaves generally < 10 × longer than wide; inflorescence generally club-shaped, panicle-like ..... S. confinis

9' Leaf generally 10+ × longer than wide; inflorescence generally narrow, sometimes spike-like – s Inner South Coast Ranges ..... S. guiradonis


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