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L.D. Gottlieb

Annual; taprooted; sap milky. Stem: 1–3, erect, simple or branched distally, hollow, glabrous. Leaf: basal and cauline, alternate; basal oblong to oblanceolate, pinnately lobed, ± petioled or sessile; cauline sessile, clasping; distal bract-like, entire or toothed. Inflorescence: heads liguliflorous, 1 or in cyme- or panicle-like clusters; involucre cylindric to obconic; outer phyllaries 8–14, spreading to reflexed, unequal, < 1/2 × inner; main phyllaries ± 7–20, ± equal, lance-linear, scarious-margined, acuminate, reflexed in fruit; receptacle flat to convex, minutely roughened, epaleate. Flower: 15–30; ligule white or cream, often rose-tinged, especially abaxially, readily withering. Fruit: 9–18(20) mm, ± fusiform, tan to mottled gray-brown, body tapered to beak, ribs 5; outer fruits with upward-pointing hairs, papillate, or scaly, inner fruits mostly smooth to weakly wrinkled; pappus on small disk at beak tip, of 5–21 ± persistent, ± plumose bristles.
2 species: southwestern United States, northern Mexico. (C.S. Rafinesque, naturalist, polymath, traveled widely in Am, 1783–1840) [Gottlieb 2006 FNANM 19:348–349]

Key to Rafinesquia

1. Ligules surpassing phyllaries by 5–8 mm; fruit beak slender, > body; pappus bristles wholly plumose; barbs straight, separate ..... R. californica

1' Ligules surpassing phyllaries by 15–20 mm; fruit beak stout, < body; pappus bristles plumose on proximal 65–80%; barbs crooked, entangled ..... R. neomexicana


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