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1. Ray flowers obscure, often << disk flowers (heads ± disciform); involucre subtended by leafy bracts ..... P. carthamoides var. cusickii

1' Ray flowers conspicuous, >> disk flowers; involucre not subtended by leafy bracts

2. Plant glandular

3. Glands sessile; plant glabrous; heads crowded in spike-like clusters ..... P. lucida

3' Glands stalked; plant proximally generally hairy and red-tinged; heads in raceme- or panicle-like clusters

4. Heads in panicle-like clusters; plant sometimes becoming proximally glabrous ..... P. lanceolata var. subviscosa

4' Heads in raceme-like clusters; plant proximally tomentose ..... P. hirta

5. Plant densely glandular; phyllaries ± equal, barely overlapping, herbaceous nearly to base ..... var. hirta

5' Plant sparsely glandular; phyllaries unequal, much overlapping, herbaceous only at tip ..... var. lanulosa

2' Plant glandless

6. Head generally 1(4)

7. Phyllaries ± oblong to oblanceolate, graduated in 3–4 series, glabrous; fruit glabrous ..... P. apargioides

7' Phyllaries ± linear, in 2–3 series, barely or not overlapping, generally tomentose to woolly; fruit silky ..... P. uniflora

8. Herbage tufted-woolly; involucre 10–13 mm; phyllaries unequal ..... var. gossypina

8' Herbage tomentose, becoming glabrous; involucre 6–9 mm; phyllaries equal ..... var. uniflora

6' Heads (1)3–25(50)

9. Heads in ± flat-topped to panicle-like clusters

10. Leaves minutely spiny-serrate ..... P. lanceolata var. lanceolata

10' Leaves entire or minutely dentate ..... P. racemosa var. paniculata (2)

9' Heads in ± narrow raceme- or ± spike-like clusters ..... P. racemosa

11. Involucre 10–15 mm

12. Stem cobwebby, hairs tangled; basal leaves lanceolate; phyllaries densely long-soft-hairy ..... var. pinetorum

12' Stem generally glabrous; basal leaves oblanceolate to elliptic; phyllaries ciliate ..... var. racemosa

11' Involucre 5–9 mm

13. Heads in a narrow raceme- to panicle-like cluster, not crowded ..... var. paniculata (2)

13' Heads generally crowded in a spike-like cluster

14. Involucre 12–16 mm diam, phyllaries yellow-green throughout, sparsely tomentose near base or throughout, tip glandular-ciliate ..... var. congesta

14' Involucre 5–7 mm diam, phyllaries green-tipped, leathery, ciliate (except recurved tip), margin translucent ..... var. sessiliflora


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