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Bruce G. Baldwin, adapted from Strother (2006)

Annual or perennial herb, 3–30 cm, often mound-shaped; odor turpentine-like. Stem: erect or spreading, generally much-branched. Leaf: basal and cauline, alternate, petioled; blades ± rounded to reniform, entire to toothed, gray or gray-green, generally scaly- or soft-hairy to ± woolly, glandular. Inflorescence: heads discoid, 1; involucre 3–6+ mm diam, bell-shaped or obconic [cylindric]; phyllaries 8–24 in 2 contrasting series, free, ± lanceolate, obovate, or spoon-shaped, deciduous or persistent, tips erect or spreading to reflexed; receptacle flat to convex, smooth or ± pitted, epaleate. Disk flower: 9–32; corolla ± yellow, tube << cylindric throat, lobes erect, deltate; anther tip ± lanceolate to ovate; style branches rounded-truncate at tip. Fruit: ± cylindric or spindle-shaped to obpyramidal; pappus of 35–150 bristles in 1–4 series, free or basally fused.
3 species: southwestern United States, northwestern Mexico. (Greek: brittle) [Strother 2006 FNANM 21:416–418]
Unabridged references: [Baldwin & Wessa 2000 Syst Bot 25:522–538]

Key to Psathyrotes

1. Outer phyllaries linear to ± lanceolate, tips generally erect, like inner; pappus bristles 35–50; flowers 10–20; plant sparsely scaly-hairy ..... P. annua

1' Outer phyllaries spoon-shaped to obovate, tips spreading to reflexed; pappus bristles 120–140; flowers 16–32; plant densely scaly-hairy to ± woolly ..... P. ramosissima


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