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David J. Keil & G. Ledyard Stebbins

Annual to large shrub, stiff. Leaf: simple, alternate. Inflorescence: heads disciform, many, in ± flat-topped or panicle-like clusters; involucre ± hemispheric; phyllaries graduated in 3–6 series, outer leathery distally, inner narrower, ± membranous; receptacle flat, epaleate. Pistillate flower: many; corolla very slender, 4–5-lobed. Disk flower: few, bisexual or staminate; corolla 5-lobed, pink or purple (in California); anther bases short-tailed, tips ± ovate; style branches 0 to short, obtuse. Fruit: ± cylindric, grooved; pappus 1 series of slender bristles.
40–60 species: tropics, warm temperate. (N.A. Pluche, 18th century French naturalist) [Nesom 2006 FNANM 19:478–484]

Key to Pluchea

1. Annual or perennial herb, glandular; leaves 4–12 cm, ovate, toothed, not crowded ..... P. odorata var. odorata

1' Shrub or tree, nonglandular, finely silky-hairy; leaves 1–4 cm, linear to lanceolate or narrowly elliptic, entire, crowded ..... P. sericea


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