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Annual, perennial herb, subshrub, shrub. Leaf: opposite or alternate, simple to deeply divided or compound, sessile or petioled. Inflorescence: heads radiate, discoid or disciform, 1 or in cyme-like clusters; peduncle short or long; involucre cylindric, hemispheric, or bell-shaped; phyllaries in 2–3 ± equal series, linear to ovate; receptacle flat to conic, epaleate. Ray flower: ray yellow or white. Disk flower: 5–200; corolla yellow or white, 4-lobed; anther tips triangular; style tips tapered. Fruit: linear to oblanceolate, flat, sometimes weakly 3–4-angled; face dark brown or black, glabrous or puberulent, margins generally ± thick, puberulent to strongly ciliate; pappus 0 or a crown of fringed scales and 0–2 slender bristles.
66 species: southwestern North America, South America. (Greek: around the margin, from thick fruit margin) [Yarborough & Powell 2006 FNANM 21:317–334]

Key to Perityle

1. Annual (rarely short-lived perennial herb); heads generally radiate ..... P. emoryi

1' Perennial herb or generally subshrubs; heads discoid

2. Herbage generally long-hairy

3. Leaf serrate to serrate-lobed; leaves opposite or alternate ..... P. inyoensis

3' Leaf entire or each margin with 1–3 short, pointed lobes; leaves alternate ..... P. villosa

2' Herbage short-rough-hairy

4. Heads 2–6 in tight clusters; peduncle 1–10 mm; leaf blade linear, generally entire (rarely 3-lobed) ..... P. intricata

4' Heads 1 or 2–3 in loose clusters; peduncle 10–45(80) mm; leaf blade generally elliptic or lanceolate to widely ovate or round (sometimes linear in Perityle megalocephala var. oligophylla), entire, serrate or lobed ..... P. megalocephala

5. Leaves many, lance-ovate to ± round, 4–9 mm wide ..... var. megalocephala

5' Leaves few, linear to lanceolate, 1–4 mm wide ..... var. oligophylla


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