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David J. Keil & Meredith A. Lane

Annual from slender taproot, ± hairy (but appearing glabrous). Stem: generally simple or branching proximally, erect, generally flexible, glabrous to hairy, green to ± red. Leaf: generally narrowly linear, ciliate, green. Inflorescence: heads radiate, disciform, or discoid, nodding in bud, 1 or in open, ± flat-topped cluster; peduncle slender; involucre 3–7 mm, generally bell-shaped; phyllaries in 2–3(4) series, graduated or ± equal, lanceolate to (ob)ovate, green, margins widely scarious; receptacle flat to slightly convex, epaleate. Ray flower: present or 0, or corolla reduced to tube; corolla white, yellow, 2-colored yellow and white, or ± red. Disk flower: 4–90+; corolla yellow to ± red or maroon; style tips linear, acute. Fruit: 1.5–3 mm, oblong-fusiform, generally compressed, generally hairy; pappus of 0–20 fragile, slender bristles.
6 species: California, northwestern Baja California. (Greek: five bristles, from pappus) [Keil 2007 Madroño 54:343–344; Nesom 2006 FNANM 20:46–48] Similar, closely related to Rigiopappus, Tracyina.
Unabridged references: [Van Horn 1973 Univ Calif Publ Bot 65:1–41]

Key to Pentachaeta

1. Well developed ray flowers 0; ray of pistillate flowers 0 or pistillate flowers 0

2. Disk flowers generally 4; corolla 3-lobed ..... P. alsinoides

2' Disk flowers 6–34; corolla 5-lobed ..... P. exilis subsp. exilis

1' Well developed ray flowers generally present, ray evident

3. Ray flowers white, ray sometimes ± red abaxially; pappus bristles present or 0

4. Ray flowers 7–16; peduncle glabrous to short-hairy ..... P. bellidiflora

4' Ray flowers (0)1–3; peduncle soft-shaggy-hairy ..... P. exilis subsp. aeolica

3' Ray flowers generally yellow or proximally yellow, distally white, sometimes ± brown-orange; pappus bristles present

5. Ray flowers 7–12, disk flowers 10–23; largest leaves < 2.5 cm ..... P. fragilis

5' Ray flowers 14–52, disk flowers 30–91; largest leaves 2.5–5.5 cm

6. Phyllaries lanceolate, soft-shaggy-hairy; pappus bristles 8–12 ..... P. lyonii

6' Phyllaries narrowly to widely-elliptic, glabrous or sparsely short-hairy; pappus bristles 5–8 ..... P. aurea

7. Ray proximally yellow, distally white ..... subsp. allenii

7' Ray yellow to orange ..... subsp. aurea


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