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1. Perennial herb; stem simple or branched, scapose or ± leafy; ligules much exceeding involucre; pappus parts often > 5 (subg. Scorzonella)

2. Plant from rhizome-like caudex; pappus bristles 24–48, ± brown, barbed, basal scales 0; leaves all basal; sphagnum bogs, Outer North Coast Ranges ..... M. borealis

2' Plant taprooted; pappus bristles 5–30, each expanded at base into a small to large scale; leaves generally basal to cauline; various habitats

3. Pappus scales 15–30, silvery; bristles plumose; widespread ..... M. nutans

3' Pappus scales 5–24, often dull white or ± brown, bristles ± smooth or barbed to ± plumose

4. Pappus scales 4–10 mm; bristles barbed to ± plumose

5. Pappus scales 5–10, ± dull yellow-brown; stem branched or simple, proximally leafy to mid-stem; outer phyllary tips recurved; generally Great Central Valley, adjacent foothills ..... M. sylvatica

5' Pappus scales 9–19, silvery to dull white; stem simple, leafy proximally; phyllary tips erect; n Klamath Ranges and adjacent OR, rare ..... M. laciniata subsp. detlingii

4' Pappus scales 0.5–4 mm, bristles ± smooth to barbed

6. Outer phyllaries often purple-spotted, lance-ovate to broadly ovate, 2.5–9 mm wide, generally glabrous ..... M. laciniata subsp. laciniata

6' Outer phyllaries rarely purple-spotted, linear to ± deltate or lanceolate, 0.5–2.5 mm wide, often mealy, sometimes ± black-hairy

7. Pappus scales 8–24, bristles white, barbed – Klamath Ranges and adjacent OR ..... M. laciniata subsp. siskiyouensis

7' Pappus scales 5–10, bristles white, smooth or bristles ± brown, barbed

8. Pappus scales 0.5–2.5 mm, bristles white, smooth; Northwestern California ..... M. laciniata subsp. leptosepala

8' Pappus scales 2–4 mm, bristles ± brown, barbed; Central Coast, San Francisco Bay Area ..... M. paludosa

1' Annual; stem scapose; ligules ± equaling involucre; pappus parts < 6 (subg. Microseris)

9. Fruit generally < 3 mm

10. Fruit widest near middle, tapered to base and (slightly) to tip; pappus scales 1–4 mm; North Coast, Central Coast, San Francisco Bay Area ..... M. bigelovii (2)

10' Fruit widest at tip, tapered to base; pappus scales 0.2–2.5 mm; widespread ..... M. elegans

9' Fruit generally > 3 mm

11. Pappus scales <= 1 mm ..... M. douglasii subsp. tenella

11' Pappus scales averaging 1.5 mm or longer

12. Pappus scales 3.5–11 mm, lance-linear, barely inrolled, midrib > 1/5 scale width ..... M. acuminata

12' Pappus scales <= 7 mm (if lance-linear midrib < 1/5 scale width)

13. Pappus scales curved only at base, midrib linear, thicker at base; North Coast, Central Coast, San Francisco Bay Area ..... M. bigelovii (2)

13' Pappus scales becoming ± curved throughout, midrib evenly tapered from thick base

14. Pappus scales 5, barely or not pigmented, becoming slightly inrolled; Sierra Nevada Foothills, Great Central Valley, e Central Western California, South Coast (rare) ..... M. campestris

14' Pappus scales 5 or fewer, darkly to not pigmented, becoming strongly inrolled ..... M. douglasii

15. Pappus scales generally < fruit (if > fruit, then fruit > 4.5 mm); widespread ..... subsp. douglasii

15' Pappus scales >= fruit; fruit <= 4.5 mm; South Coast, Peninsular Ranges, s Channel Islands ..... subsp. platycarpha


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