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Bruce G. Baldwin, adapted from Strother (2006)

[Annual] perennial herb to subshrub [shrub]. Stem: erect to sprawling, often freely branched. Leaf: generally opposite, distal sometimes alternate, petioled or sessile; blades thread-like to (ob)ovate or deltate, generally entire, rarely toothed (in California), ± minutely scabrous [glabrous], gland-dotted (in California). Inflorescence: heads disciform [discoid], ± inverted, in ± raceme-like [spike-like], leafy-bracted cluster; involucre ± hemispheric (in California), 2–10+ mm diam; phyllaries 3–15+ in 1–3+ series, free or ± fused, ± green or inner scarious to membranous; receptacle flat to hemispheric; paleae linear to wedge-shaped, ± membranous, sometimes 0. Pistillate flower: [0]3–8; corolla ± white, inconspicuous, ± tubular. Disk flower: [2]4–20+, staminate; corolla ± white to ± pink, funnel-shaped; anthers free or fused, tip incurved; style tip ± flared, truncate. Fruit: plumply obovate to pear-shaped, often ± compressed, glabrous or minutely scabrous or bristly distally; pappus 0.
± 9 species: North America. (Latin: from mint Ajuga iva (L.) Schreb., with similar odor) [Strother 2006 FNANM 21:25–28] Other taxa in TJM (1993) moved to Euphrosyne.
Unabridged references: [Miao et al. 1995 Amer J Bot 82:919–923]

Key to Iva

1. Outer phyllaries ± fused; stems generally herbaceous ..... I. axillaris

1' Outer phyllaries free; stems generally woody at base ..... I. hayesiana


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