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1. Phyllary tip swollen, with a prominent linear to widely elliptic resin gland (resin glands rarely >= 2), often with additional minute dot-like resin glands

2. Leaves all entire or proximal leaves toothed or lobed ..... I. acradenia (2)

3. Phyllary tips rounded and not or occasionally weakly soft-pointed; flowers 18–24 ..... var. acradenia

3' Phyllary tips blunt to acute (inner ones), abruptly soft-pointed; flowers 20–27 ..... var. bracteosa (2)

2' Leaves all toothed or pinnately lobed

4. Flowers 10–13; phyllaries minutely awn-tipped ..... I. arguta (2)

4' Flowers 12–27; phyllaries rounded and not or minutely awn-tipped ..... I. acradenia (2)

5. Flowers 20–27; phyllaries abruptly soft-pointed ..... var. bracteosa (2)

5' Flowers 12–20; phyllaries rounded and not awn-tipped or very weakly awn-tipped ..... var. eremophila

1' Phyllary tip dotted with minute resin glands (rarely with >= 1 weakly developed larger resin glands)

6. Flowers 10–13; phyllaries minutely awn-tipped ..... I. arguta (2)

6' Flowers 15–28; phyllaries acute, not at all awn-tipped, or with weakly developed projection at tip ..... I. menziesii

7. Leaf oblong-oblanceolate to widely obovate, coarsely serrate, ± thick, fleshy; stem and leaves glabrous, glandless — plants decumbent or prostrate ..... var. sedoides

7' Leaf linear, narrowly oblong, or oblanceolate to obovate, entire, toothed, or shallowly lobed, not fleshy (or if fleshy, at least stem long-soft hairy); stem and leaves glabrous to long-soft hairy, tomentose, or glandular

8. Herbage stalked-glandular, without nonglandular hairs or finely and closely ± gray cobwebby-tomentose

9. Plant prostrate or decumbent to ± erect; leaves 2–4 mm wide; heads in ± flat-topped or panicle-like cluster; fruit generally 2.3–3.6 mm; s South Coast, s Channel Islands, s Peninsular Ranges ..... var. decumbens (2)

9' Plant strictly erect; leaves 4–10 mm wide; heads in ± flat-topped cluster; fruit generally 4–5 mm; s San Francisco Bay Area, n Inner South Coast Ranges ..... var. diabolica (2)

8' Herbage not prominently glandular, otherwise glabrous to long-soft-hairy or tomentose

10. Plant prominently long-soft-hairy or tomentose

11. Herbage finely and closely gray tomentose; leaves narrowly oblanceolate, entire or few-toothed; stems decumbent to erect ..... var. decumbens (2)

11' Herbage with long, spreading ± thick-based hairs; leaves oblanceolate or oblong-oblanceolate, at least proximal leaves toothed along most of margin; stems generally erect ..... var. vernonioides (2)

10' Plant glabrous or slightly hairy, sometimes resinous

12. Leaves entire or few-toothed at tip ..... var. menziesii

12' At least proximal leaves serrate

13. Corolla 6–7 mm; fruit (3.8)4.5–5 mm ..... var. diabolica (2)

13' Corolla 5–7 mm; fruit 2.3–3.6 mm ..... var. vernonioides (2)


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