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Dieter H. Wilken

Annual to perennial herb. Stem: 1–5, 1–15 dm, ± hairy, glandular. Leaf: basal and cauline, alternate; petiole generally ciliate; blade generally ± oblanceolate, entire to lobed, ± reduced distally on stem. Inflorescence: heads radiate, 10–20 mm, 1–15+ in ± flat-topped or raceme-like cluster; bracts ± narrowly lanceolate; involucre hemispheric to obconic, phyllaries many, in 2–3 series, linear to obovate, green, ± glandular, reflexed in age; receptacle flat or slightly convex, shallowly pitted, glabrous, epaleate. Ray flower: ray yellow to red. Disk flower: many; corolla 5–9 mm, yellow to orange, generally glabrous; anther tip ovate; style tips linear-oblong. Fruit: 4–10 mm, cylindric to club-like, black, ± hairy; pappus scales generally 2 pairs, 4–10 mm, generally deeply cut, generally translucent.
7 species: western United States. (G.W. Hulse, United States Army surgeon, botanist, 1807–1883) [Wilken 1977 Madroño 24:48–55; Wilken 2006 FNANM 21:396–400] Self-sterile.

Key to Hulsea

1. Proximal leaves generally glandular, ± thinly long-hairy (woolly)

2. Stem 5–40 cm; heads 1–2; cauline leaves few, abruptly smaller above rosette; generally alpine or subalpine

3. Phyllaries narrowly oblong, long-tapered; ray flowers 25–60 ..... H. algida

3' Phyllaries oblong to obovate, acuminate; ray flowers 12–30 ..... H. nana (2)

2' Stem 30–150 cm; heads 3–15+; cauline leaves gradually smaller distally; montane

4. Ray < 2 mm wide; red ..... H. heterochroma

4' Ray >= 2 mm wide; yellow

5. Ray flowers 10–23, hairs of ray corolla tube glandular and glandless ..... H. brevifolia

5' Ray flowers 20–35, hairs of ray corolla tube all glandular ..... H. mexicana

1' Proximal leaves ± woolly or long-soft-wavy-hairy, most hairs glandless

6. Leaves gradually smaller distally; heads 2–5, distal peduncles < 5 cm ..... H. californica

6' Leaves abruptly smaller above rosette; head generally 1(2), or peduncles generally > 5 cm

7. Leaves generally oblanceolate, sparsely glandular; n California ..... H. nana (2)

7' Leaves generally spoon-shaped, woolly or long-soft-wavy-hairy; s California ..... H. vestita

8. Basal leaf blade entire to weakly scalloped, gradually tapered; petiole generally <= blade

9. Bracts densely woolly; stem occasionally ± leafless ..... subsp. vestita

9' Bracts glandular to barely woolly; stem ± leafy in proximal 1/3

10. Petioles green; plant generally > 5 dm; ray generally yellow to orange; n Peninsular Ranges ..... subsp. callicarpha

10' Petioles ± red; plant generally < 5 dm; ray ± red-tinged at base; e Western Transverse Ranges, San Gabriel Mountains ..... subsp. gabrielensis

8' Basal leaf blades scalloped to lobed, abruptly tapered, petiole generally >= blade

11. Ray corolla yellow, 12–18 mm ..... subsp. inyoensis

11' Ray corolla red to orange, 5–10 mm

12. Hairs of abaxial leaf face glandular and glandless; phyllaries generally green, tips tinged red; montane ..... subsp. parryi

12' Hairs of abaxial leaf face generally glandular only; phyllaries deep red-purple; alpine ..... subsp. pygmaea


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