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Key to Hieracium

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1. Ligule white or orange

2. Ligule white; stolons 0; native of forests ..... H. albiflorum

2' Ligule orange; stolons present; weed of disturbed sites ..... [H. aurantiacum]

1' Ligule yellow

3. Leaf glabrous on 1 or both faces

4. Leaf glabrous abaxially, sparsely to ± densely long-hairy adaxially; phyllaries glabrous or sparsely glandular; flowers 6–12 ..... H. bolanderi (2)

4' Leaf glabrous; phyllaries long-hairy, branched-hairy, and black-glandular; flowers 20–60 ..... H. triste (2)

3' Leaf ± hairy on faces (glabrous in Hieracium scouleri)

5. Phyllaries generally without long, glandless hairs (occasionally long-hairy in Hieracium argutum), often minutely branched-hairy and/or glandular

6. Flowers 30–60 ..... H. parryi

6' Flowers 4–30

7. Flowers 15–30; involucre 7–9(12) mm; generally at least some leaves wavy-toothed (all entire); pappus ± white; c&s California ..... H. argutum (2)

7' Flowers generally 4–12(15); involucre (7)8–12 mm; leaves generally entire (minutely dentate); pappus tan to ± brown; Klamath Ranges, North Coast Ranges, High Cascade Range

8. Peduncle glabrous or stalked-glandular; fruit ± urn-shaped ..... H. bolanderi (2)

8' Peduncle branched-hairy; fruit ± cylindric, not distally narrowed ..... H. greenei

5' Phyllaries with long, glandless hairs, occasionally also branched-hairy and/or glandular

9. Leaf faces minutely rough-hairy and/or stalked glandular ..... H. triste (2)

9' Leaf faces long-hairy, also sometimes branched-hairy (rarely glabrous in Hieracium scouleri)

10. Flowers 6–12(15); involucre ± cylindric to ± bell-shaped ..... H. horridum

10' Flowers 15–50; involucre obconic to bell-shaped

11. Some or all leaves wavy-toothed; c&s California ..... H. argutum (2)

11' Leaves all entire or some minutely dentate; n California

12. Cauline leaves 0–3(5); pappus 4–6 mm ..... H. nudicaule

12' Cauline leaves generally (3)5–10+; pappus 6–7 mm ..... H. scouleri


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