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John M. Miller & Dieter H. Wilken, except as noted

Shrub, tree; generally dioecious or flowers bisexual and unisexual; resin clear, often weathering black, generally aromatic, latex milky or 0. Leaf: simple to ternate- or odd-pinnate-compound, alternate, deciduous or evergreen; stipules 0. Inflorescence: raceme or panicle; flowers generally many. Flower: generally unisexual, radial; sepals generally 5, base generally ± fused; petals 5, generally > sepals, free; (perianth parts 1–7 in Pistacia); stamens 4–7 or 10, vestigial in pistillate flowers; ovary superior, vestigial or 0 in staminate flowers, subtended by ± lobed, disk-like nectary, chamber generally 1, ovule generally 1, styles 1–3. Fruit: drupe-like, generally ± flat, sticky or not, hairs short or 0; pulp ± resinous, aromatic or not.
70+ genera, ± 850 species: tropics, warm temperate; some ornamental (Rhus, Schinus), cultivated for fruit (Anacardium, cashew; Mangifera, mango; Pistacia, pistachio). TOXIC: many genera produce contact dermatitis. [Yi et al. 2007 Syst Bot 32:379–391] —Scientific Editors: Bruce G. Baldwin, Thomas J. Rosatti.
Unabridged references: [Pell 2004 Ph.D. Dissertation, Louisiana State Univ, Baton Rouge; Cronquist et al. 1997 Anacardiaceae In: Intermountain Flora 3A:313–317; Wannan & Quinn 1991 Bot J Linn Soc 107:349–385; Wannan & Quinn 1990 Bot J Linn Soc 103:225–252; Ibe & Leis 1979 Bull Torrey Bot Club 106:140–144; Brizicky 1963 J Arnold Arbor 44:60–80]

Key to Anacardiaceae

1. Tree; leaves compound, leaflets 7–16+

2. Leaf axes winged; perianth parts 1–7, bract-like, unequal; stamens 4–7, in 1 whorl ..... PISTACIA

2' Leaf axes not winged; sepals 5, petals 5; stamens generally 10, in 2 whorls ..... SCHINUS

1' Shrub, vine-like or not; leaves simple to compound, leaflets 3–5

3. Leaves evergreen, simple, entire to toothed or crenate or shallowly 3-lobed; petals white to ± pink

4. Fruit 2–3 mm diam, glabrous, not sticky; inflorescence branches slender ..... MALOSMA

4' Fruit 6–10 mm diam, puberulent, sticky; inflorescence branches stout ..... RHUS (2)

3' Leaves deciduous or evergreen, deep-lobed to compound, leaflets 0 or 3–5; petals yellow to yellow-green

5. Leaves ± evergreen, leaflets linear to narrowly lanceolate, generally entire ..... SEARSIA

5' Leaves deciduous, leaf lobes or leaflets oblong or ovate to ± diamond-shaped or ± round, entire to lobed

6. Inflorescence terminal; flowers ± sessile; leaflets adaxially dull; fruit red ..... RHUS (2)

6' Inflorescence axillary; flowers pedicelled; leaflets adaxially shiny; fruit creamy white ..... TOXICODENDRON


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