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Key to Hazardia

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1. Perennial herb or subshrub from woody root-crown ..... H. whitneyi

2. Heads discoid; disk fruit <= 10 mm ..... var. discoidea

2' Heads radiate; disk fruit generally 5–8 mm ..... var. whitneyi

1' Shrub; stems arising from woody trunk

3. Heads discoid

4. Fruit 2–4 mm — Mojave Desert ..... H. brickellioides (2)

4' Fruit 5–8 mm

5. Flowers 4–8; leaf 15–25 mm, 7–12 mm wide; South Coast Ranges ..... H. stenolepis

5' Flowers 9–30; leaf 15–50 mm, 10–20 mm wide; s San Joaquin Valley, Outer South Coast Ranges, Southwestern California, n Baja California ..... H. squarrosa

6. Herbage generally sparsely hairy, generally not resinous; involucre 8–12 mm; flowers 9–16, corolla 9–10 mm; pappus white to red-brown ..... var. grindelioides

6' Herbage glabrous to sparsely hairy, generally resinous; involucre 11–15 mm; flowers 18–30, corolla 10–11 mm; pappus tan

7. Stem glabrous to scabrous; phyllaries smooth, resinous, ± truncate to obtuse, abruptly pointed, ± erect ..... var. obtusa

7' Stem sparsely hairy distally or becoming glabrous; phyllaries glandular, obtuse to acute, recurved ..... var. squarrosa

3' Heads radiate (rays sometimes inconspicuous) or disciform

8. Ray generally exceeding disk corolla; leaf margin ± entire ..... H. orcuttii

8' Ray not exceeding disk corolla; leaf margin generally ± entire to toothed

9. Leaf soft-hairy to scabrous; plant 2–8 dm ..... H. brickellioides (2)

9' Leaf densely tomentose, at least abaxially; plant 6–25 dm

10. Leaf thin, becoming glabrous adaxially; outer phyllary tips loosely woolly-tufted; disk corolla 5–8 mm ..... H. cana

10' Leaf thick, ± densely tomentose adaxially; phyllary generally densely woolly throughout; disk corolla 8–10 mm ..... H. detonsa


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