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David J. Keil & Meredith A. Lane

Subshrub (in California), <= 1.5 m, appearing glabrous. Stem: 1–many from base, erect or ascending, branched distally, ± striate, gummy-resinous, minutely scabrous, yellow to tan or gray; older bark generally fibrous. Leaf: alternate, sometimes in axillary clusters, entire, gland-dotted, gummy-resinous, glabrous or minutely scabrous, dark gray-green. Inflorescence: heads radiate, generally many in ± open cyme-like clusters, 1 or in short-peduncled clusters at tips of inflorescence branches; involucre ± cylindric or narrowly to widely obconic; phyllaries graduated in 3–4 series, straw-colored, tips green; receptacle flat to conic, epaleate, minutely hairy. Ray flower: 1–13; corolla yellow, ray often inconspicuous. Disk flower: 1–13 (in California), bisexual or staminate; corolla yellow, club- or narrowly funnel-shaped, lobes short, recurved; style appendages lanceolate. Fruit: narrowly obconic, 5–8-veined, light tan, with ± white appressed hairs; pappus of 1–2 series of finely toothed, white or ± yellow scales generally 1/2 fruit length (in California) or much reduced.
28 species: western North America, South America. (Gutiérrez, surname of a noble Spanish family) TOXIC to livestock, fresh or dried in hay. [Nesom 2006 FNANM 20:88–94]
Unabridged references: [Lane 1985 Syst Bot 10:7–28]

Key to Gutierrezia

1. Involucre cylindric; phyllaries 4–6; ray flowers 1–2 ..... G. microcephala

1' Involucre cylindric to obconic or bell-shaped; phyllaries 8–21; ray flowers 2–13

2. Ray flowers 4–13; disk flowers 4–13; total flowers 8–20; heads generally 1 at 2° inflorescence tips ..... G. californica

2' Ray flowers 2–8; disk flowers 2–9; total flowers 6–14; heads generally in clusters of 2–5 at 2° inflorescence tips ..... G. sarothrae


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