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Charles E. Turner, Robert R. Haynes & C. Barre Hellquist

Annual, perennial herb from caudices, corms, stolons, rhizomes, or tubers, aquatic (± emergent or on mud); roots fibrous, septate or not; monoecious, dioecious, or flowers bisexual. Stem: caudex short. Leaf: basal, simple, palmately veined, floating or not; submersed generally linear to ovate; emergent linear to sagittate. Inflorescence: generally scapose, umbel-, raceme-, or panicle-like; flowers, branches whorled. Flower: radial; sepals 3, generally green, generally persistent; petals 3, generally > sepals, white or pink; stamens 6–many; pistils 6–many, free or ± fused at base. Fruit: achene, generally compressed, beaked.
± 12 genera, 75–100 species: especially tropics, subtropics. [Haynes & Hellquist 2000 FNANM 22:7–25] —Scientific Editor: Thomas J. Rosatti.
Unabridged references: [Rogers 1983 J Arnold Arbor 64:383–420]

Key to Alismataceae

1. Pistils, fruits ± fused at base; petals cut; flowers bisexual; stamens 6 ..... DAMASONIUM

1' Pistils, fruits free, in 1 whorl on margin of ± flat receptacle or spiralled on convex receptacle; petals ± cut to generally entire; flowers bisexual or unisexual; stamens 0, generally 6, or 7–30

2. Pistils, fruits in 1 whorl on margin of ± flat receptacle; stamens generally 6; flowers bisexual ..... ALISMA

2' Pistils, fruits spiralled on convex receptacle; stamens 0 or 7–30; flowers bisexual or unisexual

3. Flowers bisexual; fruit cluster bur-like, beaks terminal, 0.6–1.3 mm ..... ECHINODORUS

3' Fls, or at least proximal, unisexual; fruit cluster not bur-like, beaks terminal, 0.1–0.4 mm, or lateral, 0.1–2 mm ..... SAGITTARIA


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