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Key to Aizoaceae

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1. Petals, petal-like stamens 0

2. Ovary inferior (subfam. Tetragonioideae) ..... TETRAGONIA

2' Ovary ± 1/2-inferior to superior (subfam. Aizooideae)

3. Leaves alternate ..... [GALENIA]

3' Leaves ± opposite

4. Stamens 30; styles (2)3–5; leaves of opposite pair equal ..... SESUVIUM

4' Stamens <= 10; styles 1–2; leaves of opposite pair unequal

5. Stamens generally 3; stipules fringed ..... CYPSELEA

5' Stamens 5–10; stipules of 2 teeth ..... TRIANTHEMA

1' Petals, petal-like stamens many

6. Placentas axile (subfam. Aptenioideae)

7. Sepals, ovary chambers 4 ..... APTENIA

7' Sepals, ovary chambers (4)5 ..... MESEMBRYANTHEMUM

6' Placentas parietal (subfam. Ruschioideae)

8. Fruit fleshy or a capsule, valves separating; stigmas, ovary chambers 8–20

9. Basal rosette 0, cauline leaves opposite; fruit fleshy, indehiscent (tribe Carpobroteae) ..... CARPOBROTUS

9' Basal rosette present, cauline leaves generally alternate; fruit capsule, tardily dehiscent (tribe Apatesieae) ..... CONICOSIA

8' Fruit a capsule, valves not separating; stigmas, ovary chambers 4–8(12) (tribe Ruschieae)

10. Ovary chambers 8(12) ..... MALEPHORA

10' Ovary chambers 4–6

11. Sepals unequal; stigmas awl-shaped ..... DELOSPERMA

11' Sepals equal; stigmas thread-like ..... DROSANTHEMUM


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