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David J. Keil & Curtis Clark

[Subshrub], shrub. Stem: generally many from base. Leaf: alternate, generally drought-deciduous, simple, petioled, entire or rarely toothed. Inflorescence: heads radiate or discoid, 1 or in panicle-like cluster; peduncle generally long; involucre hemispheric; phyllaries graduated in 2–4+ series, free; receptacle paleate, palea folded around and falling with fruit. Ray flower: sterile; style 0; ray yellow. Disk flower: many; corolla yellow or brown-purple, tube slender, throat abruptly expanded, lobes triangular; anther tip ovate, ± acute; style tips triangular. Fruit: strongly compressed, obovate or wedge-shaped; edges long-ciliate; faces glabrous or short-hairy; pappus of 2 narrow scales or 0.
11–12 species: western North America, western South America. (Christoph Entzelt, German naturalist, 1517–1583) [Clark 2006 FNANM 21:118–122; Fehlberg & Ranker 2007 Syst Bot 32:692–699] Commonly hybridizing, especially in disturbed areas; Encelia farinosa × Encelia frutescens is common; Encelia farinosa × Encelia californica, Encelia farinosa × Encelia actoni, Encelia actoni × Encelia frutescens, Encelia frutescens × Encelia virginensis, Encelia farinosa × Geraea canescens have been reported.

Key to Encelia

1. Heads in panicle-like cluster, always radiate; leaves ± hairy, hairs curled

2. Heads 3–9 in tight panicle-like cluster; rays well developed; leaves densely silver- or gray-tomentose, not at all strigose ..... E. farinosa

2' Heads 2–5 in loose panicle-like cluster; rays often short, few, deeply lobed; leaves moderately hairy, often partly strigose ..... [E. farinosa × E. frutescens]

1' Heads generally solitary, radiate or discoid; leaves glabrous or hairy

3. Disk corolla brown-purple; leaves green, glabrous to sparsely and minutely strigose or bristly ..... E. californica

3' Disk corolla yellow or orange; leaves green to gray, glabrous or hairy

4. Ray flowers 0; leaves green, strigose but not canescent ..... E. frutescens

4' Ray flowers present; leaves gray-green to green, canescent

5. Leaves silvery green, canescent, not at all strigose; ray flowers 14–25, ray 10–25 mm, shallowly toothed; sw San Joaquin Valley and adjacent Western Transverse Ranges (Cuyama Valley), White and Inyo Mountains, w Desert and adjacent California Floristic Province, Desert Mountains ..... E. actoni

5' Leaves sparsely strigose and lightly soft-canescent; ray flowers 11–21, ray 8–15 mm, deeply toothed; e Mojave Desert, Desert Mountains ..... E. virginensis


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