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Key to Agavaceae

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1. Generally shrub- or tree-like; leaves thick, generally rigid

2. Ovary inferior; perianth yellow to green-yellow ..... AGAVE

2' Ovary superior; perianth white or cream to ± green, purple-tinged or -tipped or not, or red-brown abaxially, ± white adaxially

3. Fruit erect, loculicidal; peduncle generally > 2.5 cm wide, bracts generally reflexed; stigma head-like ..... HESPEROYUCCA

3' Fruit erect or pendent, tardily septicidal or generally indehiscent; peduncle generally < 2 cm wide, bracts generally ascending; stigma 3-lobed ..... YUCCA

1' Perennial herb, generally not shrub- or tree-like; leaves thin, flexible

4. Stem not evident above ground — leaves, flowers tufted ..... LEUCOCRINUM

4' Stem evident above ground

5. Inflorescence a panicle

6. Style thread-like, deciduous; perianth twisted together above ovary in fruit ..... CHLOROGALUM

6' Style ± stout, persistent; perianth not twisted together above fruit ..... HASTINGSIA (2)

5' Inflorescence a raceme

7. Perianth parts < 1 cm, white (green-white) to ± yellow or ± purple ..... HASTINGSIA (2)

7' Perianth parts 1.2–6 cm, white or blue to ± purple

8. Perianth parts blue to ± purple (white), fused < 5% of length; scapose; leaf margins not wavy ..... CAMASSIA

8' Perianth parts white with silver-green midstripe especially abaxially, fused ± 25% of length; not scapose; leaf margins wavy ..... HESPEROCALLIS


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