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John C. Game, Alan R. Smith & Thomas Lemieux

Plants in soil [climbing]; rhizome short- to long-creeping to erect, scaly; new growth often ± red. Leaf: of 1 or 2 kinds, fertile, sterile; stipe in ×-section with vascular strands in circle; blade [(simple or 2-pinnate)] deeply pinnately lobed to 1-pinnate, pinnae deeply pinnately lobed or not, hairs generally 0; veins free or netted. Sporangia: sori linear to oblong, along veins parallel to nearest midrib; indusium shaped ± like sorus, opening towards nearest midrib; stalk cells in 2–3 rows; spores elliptic, scar linear.
± 9 genera, ± 250 species: worldwide, especially tropics; several species cultivated. New classification badly needed, in which all genera but Woodwardia are placed under Blechnum or, preferably, ± 25 genera, including ± 10 new ones, are recognized. —Scientific Editors: Alan R. Smith, Thomas J. Rosatti.

Key to Blechnaceae

1. Blade deeply pinnately lobed to 1-pinnate, pinnae unlobed; leaves of 2 kinds, fertile, sterile; sori 2 per pinna, linear, > 10 × longer than wide, 1 along each side of costa ..... BLECHNUM

1' Blade 1-pinnate, pinnae deeply pinnately lobed; leaves of ± 1 kind; sori many per lobe, oblong, 2–4 × longer than wide, end-to-end along each side of lobe midrib, some oblong to linear along costa also ..... WOODWARDIA


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