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David J. Keil & Charles E. Turner

Annual in California. Stem: generally erect, leafy, branched distally or throughout. Leaf: basal and cauline, alternate, generally pinnately lobed, ± spiny; basal often 0 by flowering; cauline generally clasping, generally spreading to recurved, lanceolate to ovate, rigid. Inflorescence: heads discoid, 1; involucre ± urn-shaped; outer phyllaries ± leaf-like, inner with ± spiny appendages; receptacle convex to conic, epaleate but with many narrow scales. Flower: corolla tube slender, throat abruptly expanded, lobes linear; filaments generally densely hairy, anther base short-tailed, tip oblong; style tip with minutely hairy distal node and minutely papillate terminal segment, tip barely notched. Fruit: oblong to obpyramidal, ± 4-angled, glabrous, attached at side; outer fruit generally ± roughened, pappus generally 0; inner fruit smooth, pappus 0 or of many, narrow, generally unequal scales.
14 species: Mediterranean. (Arabic: safflower) [Keil 2006 FNANM 19:178–181]

Key to Carthamus

1. Corolla pale purple; cauline leaves ± deeply lobed ..... [C. leucocaulos]

1' Corolla yellow to red; cauline leaves toothed to deeply lobed

2. Cauline leaves dentate, weakly spiny; corolla yellow to red; fruit white ..... [C. tinctorius]

2' Cauline leaves ± deeply lobed, very spiny; corolla yellow; fruit brown

3. Outer phyllaries generally 2 × inner; herbage ± sparsely hairy; stem white ..... C. creticus

3' Outer phyllaries generally <= 1.5 × inner; herbage loosely cobwebby to ± woolly; stem straw-colored ..... C. lanatus


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