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Annual, biennial [perennial herb]. Stem: erect. Leaf: simple, basal and cauline, alternate, reduced upward, decurrent as spiny wings, spiny-dentate and pinnately lobed, glabrous to tomentose; basal tapered to winged petiole; cauline sessile. Inflorescence: heads discoid, 1–20 at branch tips; involucre cylindric to spheric; phyllaries graduated in several series, spine-tipped; receptacle flat, epaleate, ± white bristly. Flower: corolla white to pink or purple, tube long, slender, throat abruptly expanded, short, lobes linear; anther base short-sagittate, tip oblong; style tip cylindric above slightly swollen distal node, branches very short. Fruit: ovoid, slightly compressed, glabrous; base slightly angled; pappus of many flat, minutely barbed bristles.
± 90 species: Eurasia, eastern Africa. (Latin: ancient name for a kind of thistle) [Keil 2006 FNANM 19:91–94]

Key to Carduus

1. Phyllaries generally > 2 mm wide; heads generally solitary, conspicuously peduncled; involucre 2–7 cm diam ..... C. nutans

1' Phyllaries generally <= 2 mm wide; heads 1–several, often clustered at branch tips, short-peduncled or sessile; involucre 1–3 cm diam

2. Involucre ± spheric or hemispheric ..... C. acanthoides subsp. acanthoides

2' Involucre cylindric or narrowly ellipsoid

3. Heads generally 2–5 per cluster; phyllaries not scarious-margined, bases ± persistently loosely tomentose, tips scabrous ..... C. pycnocephalus subsp. pycnocephalus

3' Heads 5–20 per cluster; phyllaries scarious-margined, bases glabrous to sparsely tomentose, tips glabrous or barely scabrous, sometimes minutely scabrous-ciliate ..... C. tenuiflorus


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