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L.D. Gottlieb

Annual; taprooted; sap milky. Stem: 1–3, 5–30 cm, erect or ascending, branched from near base; proximally glabrous, distally conspicuously dotted with tack-shaped glands. Leaf: alternate, sessile; basal blades pinnately lobed, lobes narrow, linear, spreading, ultimate margins entire, smooth; distal cauline reduced to linear bracts. Inflorescence: heads liguliflorous, 1 or in open, few-headed clusters, peduncles 1–3 cm; phyllaries in 2 series, outer unequal, < 1/2 × inner, reflexed, inner lance-linear, equal, scarious-margined, acute, reflexed in fruit; receptacle flat, smooth, each flower subtended by 1 fine, smooth bristle. Flower: many; ligules yellow or white, readily withering. Fruit: fusiform, body tapered to beak, ribs 5, separated by grooves, faces smooth or roughened; pappus of 50+ smooth, white, basally fused bristles, borne on finely toothed cup at beak tip, deciduous.
2 species: southwestern United States, northwestern Mexico. (Greek: alluding to shallow cup on fruit tip and to chicory) [Gottlieb 2006 FNANM 19:307–308] Perhaps best placed in Malacothrix (Lee et al. 2003 Syst Bot 28:616–626).

Key to Calycoseris

1. Ligules yellow; tack-shaped glands red- or purple-tinged; fruit deeply grooved between ribs ..... C. parryi

1' Ligules white; tack-shaped glands straw-colored; fruit shallowly grooved between ribs ..... C. wrightii


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