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Annual [perennial herb], generally glandular-hairy. Stem: erect or ascending, branched. Leaf: simple, alternate. Inflorescence: heads radiate, 1, peduncled; phyllaries ± equal in 2–3 series, linear or ± lanceolate, margins narrowly scarious; receptacle flat, epaleate. Ray flower: 5–50+; ray yellow or orange. Disk flower: 20–150+, staminate; corolla yellow to brown; anther base sagittate, short-tailed, tip ovate or triangular-ovate; style with ring of hairs just below tip, branches very short. Fruit: generally of 3–4 kinds per head, winged or not, beaked or not, straight to strongly incurved and almost forming a circle, smooth, wrinkled, or with many prickles or bristles on back; pappus 0.
± 15 species: Europe, northern Africa, western Asia. (Latin: 1st day of the month, perhaps for flowering all year) [Strother 2006 FNANM 19:381–382]
Unabridged references: [Heyn et al. 1974 Israel J Bot 23:169–201]

Key to Calendula

1. Head, including rays, generally 1–4 cm diam; ray flowers 5–20, ray generally 5–8 mm; leaf ± lanceolate ..... C. arvensis

1' Head, including rays, generally > 5 cm diam; ray flowers generally 30–50+, ray generally 12–20 mm; leaf oblong to obovate ..... C. officinalis


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