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Randall W. Scott

[Annual] perennial herb to shrub. Leaf: simple, alternate or opposite, generally resinous-dotted, veiny, main veins generally 3. Inflorescence: heads discoid, generally clustered; involucre cylindric to bell-shaped; phyllaries generally graduated, ± green, veiny-striate, spreading in age; receptacle generally flat, epaleate. Flower: corolla cylindric, ± white to pale yellow-green, occasionally tinged red or purple; anther tip ovate; style branches long, club-shaped, tips rounded. Fruit: 10-ribbed, generally cylindric, generally hairy; pappus of 10–40+ generally minutely barbed bristles, generally white.
110 species: western United States, Mexico, Central America. (John Brickell, early botanist in Georgia) [Scott 2006 FNANM 21:491–507]
Unabridged references: [King & Robinson 1987 Monogr Syst Bot Missouri Bot Gard 22:220–224]

Key to Brickellia

1. Head 3–7-flowered

2. Leaf blade lanceolate to lance-ovate, dentate to serrate; faces gland-dotted and sparsely puberulent or hairy, not appearing glossy or varnished ..... B. knappiana

2' Leaf blade linear to lance-elliptic or -ovate, entire or nearly so; faces gland-dotted, appearing varnished or glossy, often also puberulent ..... B. longifolia

3. Leaf blade linear or lance-linear to lance-elliptic, flat, not folded or sickle-shaped, 2–9 mm wide, length 8–25 × width, base tapered ..... var. longifolia

3' Leaf blade lance-ovate to narrowly lanceolate, folded along midvein and/or sickle-shaped, 2–15 mm wide, length 4–8 × width, base rounded ..... var. multiflora

1' Head 8–90-flowered

4. Perennial herb or subshrub from woody caudex

5. Petiole 10–70 mm ..... B. grandiflora

5' Petiole 0–2 mm

6. Leaf blade ovate, serrate ..... B. greenei

6' Leaf blade elliptic, lance-linear or oblong, entire ..... B. oblongifolia var. linifolia

4' Shrub

7. Head 40–90-flowered

8. Stem, leaves densely white-tomentose ..... B. incana

8' Stem minutely glandular; leaves glabrous or puberulent, often strigose, or with mix of glandular and glandless hairs ..... B. atractyloides

9. Outer phyllaries widely ovate ..... var. atractyloides

9' Outer phyllaries lance-linear to -ovate

10. Margin of outer phyllaries ± entire ..... var. arguta

10' Margin of outer phyllaries dentate ..... var. odontolepis

7' Head 8–35-flowered

11. Leaf blade oblong to spoon-shaped, entire ..... B. frutescens

11' Leaf blade deltate, ovate, to nearly round or cordate, generally toothed (entire)

12. Phyllaries in 4–7 series, erect

13. Petiole 5–60+ mm; leaf blade 10–100 mm ..... B. californica

13' Petiole 1–2.5 mm; leaf blade 3–15 mm ..... B. desertorum

12' Phyllaries in 5–9 series, tips recurved or spreading

14. Plant densely tomentose and glandular; head 16–24-flowered ..... B. nevinii

14' Plant glandular-puberulent or glands mixed with long, crooked hairs, occasionally short-tomentose; head 8–24-flowered ..... B. microphylla

15. Head 15–28(34)-flowered; plant with glands mixed with long, crooked hairs, occasionally short-tomentose ..... var. microphylla

15' Head generally 8–15-flowered; plant glandular-puberulent ..... var. scabra


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