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Bruce G. Baldwin

Annual 3–12(30) cm, taprooted. Stem: generally 1, erect, generally branched ± throughout. Leaf: basal and cauline, alternate, mostly sessile; blade linear or pinnately divided into 2–15 linear lobes, ultimate margins entire; faces glabrous or sparsely woolly-tomentose. Inflorescence: heads radiate, 1; involucre ± hemispheric, 3–6 mm diam; phyllaries 5–13+ in ± 2 series, basally fused, ± erect, curved inward in late flower, reflexed in fruit, elliptic to ovate, ± equal, ± membranous, veiny, tips generally purple; receptacle flat to convex, smooth or pitted, epaleate. Ray flower: 5–13+; ray sessile, linear to ovate, generally yellow (white), often ± purple abaxially; some pistillate flowers sometimes lack corollas. Disk flower: 20–60(100+), staminate; corolla ± 2–3 mm, generally not exceeding involucre, yellow, tube < to > bell-shaped throat, lobes ± erect, deltate to lanceolate; anther tip concave; style undivided, tip head-like, white. Fruit: ± ellipsoid, generally 5–6(10)-ribbed or -angled, generally papillate and, if so, sticky when wet; pappus 0.
3 species: California, Chile. (Greek: mucus-seed, the fruit becoming slimy when wetted) [Strother 2006 FNANM 20:640–641]
Unabridged references: [Ornduff 1964 Brittonia 16:289–295; Wagstaff et al. 2006 Taxon 55:95–106]

Key to Blennosperma

1. Stigma of ray flower red; proximal leaves unlobed or 2–3(5)-lobed ..... B. bakeri

1' Stigma of ray flower yellow; proximal leaves generally 5–15-lobed ..... B. nanum

2. Fruit generally 2.5–3 mm; disk flowers generally 12–60(70+); pollen generally white; widespread, generally more inland in northern California ..... var. nanum

2' Fruit generally 3–4.5 mm; disk flowers generally 60–100+; pollen generally yellow; c North Coast (Mendocino Co.), n Central Coast ..... var. robustum


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