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1. Annual to perennial herb, base sometimes woody; axillary leaf clusters generally 0

2. Rhizome present

3. Leaves generally 1–8 cm wide, ± glabrous to sparsely tomentose adaxially, glabrous or hairy abaxially; stems 3–25 dm

4. Proximal-most leaves 2-pinnately divided, lateral lobes acute; leaves generally glabrous adaxially, tomentose (or becoming glabrous) abaxially

5. Plant sage-scented (not lemony); phyllaries gray-green, densely tomentose ..... A. ludoviciana subsp. incompta

5' Plant strongly lemon-scented; phyllaries often ± purple and dotted with yellow glands, generally ± glabrous ..... A. michauxiana

4' Leaves entire to pinnately lobed, lateral lobes obtuse to acute, glabrous to ± sparsely tomentose adaxially, densely tomentose abaxially

6. Involucre bell-shaped, 2–4 mm diam; phyllaries gray-hairy, ± widely (ob)ovate; flowers > 15; leaves green to gray-green adaxially; widespread ..... A. douglasiana

6' Involucre narrow, <= 2 mm diam; phyllaries ± yellow, glabrous to sparsely hairy, oblong to ± ovate; flowers < 15; leaves dark green adaxially; North Coast, s Channel Islands ..... A. suksdorfii

3' Leaves 0.5–1(4) cm wide, densely gray-hairy (or becoming ± glabrous adaxially); stems 2–8(12) dm ..... A. ludoviciana

7. Inflorescence generally open, occasionally dense and narrow; leaves generally 1–2 cm ..... subsp. albula

7' Inflorescence dense, narrow; leaves generally 2–11 cm

8. Leaves entire to toothed or shallowly lobed ..... subsp. ludoviciana

8' Leaves deeply 1–2-divided into narrow lobes

9. Involucre 4–5 mm, 4–7 mm diam; leaves gray-white-tomentose ..... subsp. candicans

9' Involucre 2.5–4 mm, 3–5 mm diam; adaxial leaf face often green ..... subsp. incompta

2' Rhizome 0

10. Stem hairy, branched from base, from basal leaf cluster

11. Leaves densely hairy; phyllaries densely gray-hairy, margins widely scarious; coastal ..... A. pycnocephala

11' Leaves glabrous to densely silky-hairy; phyllaries sparsely hairy, margins dark or scarious; montane

12. Phyllary margins scarious; involucre 3.5–4 mm diam; biennial or perennial herb from taproot; heads generally erect in spike- or narrowly panicle-like clusters ..... A. borealis subsp. borealis

12' Phyllary margins ± black; involucre (4)7–11 mm diam; perennial herb from branched caudex; heads nodding, slender-peduncled in raceme-like or few-branched, panicle-like cluster ..... A. norvegica subsp. saxatilis

10' Stem generally glabrous, simple, basal leaves 0

13. Biennial or perennial herb; leaves entire to 1-pinnately lobed

14. Leaves linear, entire or with few linear lobes; heads disciform, disk flowers staminate; receptacle epaleate; widespread ..... A. dracunculus

14' Leaves deeply and coarsely pinnately 3–7-lobed; heads discoid; receptacle paleate; South Coast, Peninsular Ranges ..... A. palmeri

13' Annual or biennial; stem erect; leaves 2–3-pinnately divided

15. Heads nodding; annual, aromatic; leaves 2–3-pinnately divided ..... [A. annua]

15' Heads erect; annual or biennial, unscented; leaves 2-pinnately divided ..... A. biennis

1' Subshrub or shrub; axillary leaf clusters present

16. Plant spiny, compact; inflorescence short, heads ± hidden by leaves; leaves palmately 2–5-divided; flower spring/early summer ..... A. spinescens

16' Plant unarmed, compact to tall; inflorescence long, heads not hidden by leaves; leaf lobes 0–5; flowering late summer/fall

17. Leaves (1)2–10 cm, linear, often ± thread-like or lobes <= 3 mm wide, generally > 1 cm

18. Leaf segments generally < 1 mm wide, margins curled under; Central Western California, Southwestern California ..... A. californica

18' Leaf segments 1–3 mm wide, flat; s Channel Islands ..... A. nesiotica

17' Leaves 0.3–2(6) cm, generally oblong or wedge-shaped (to linear), generally > 3 mm wide, entire to shallowly 3-lobed at tip, lobes < 1 cm

19. Heads nodding; leaves not clustered, entire or teeth or lobes 3, sharply pointed — White and Inyo Mountains, Mojave Desert ..... A. bigelovii

19' Heads erect; leaves often in axillary clusters, entire or teeth 3(6), rounded to acute

20. Leaves generally linear, entire, winter-deciduous; heads generally > 5 mm wide ..... A. cana subsp. bolanderi

20' Leaves generally wedge-shaped, generally 3-toothed or -lobed (entire or 6-toothed in Artemisia spiciformis), persistent in winter; heads generally < 5 mm wide (4.5–6 mm in Artemisia spiciformis)

21. Plant generally < 4 dm; inflorescence narrow, generally < 3 cm wide

22. Heads short-peduncled; involucre generally 1–2 mm diam

23. Phyllaries shiny-resinous, straw-colored; leaves of flower-stems generally entire ..... A. nova

23' Phyllaries densely gray-tomentose; leaves of flower-stems (at least proximal) lobed ..... A. tridentata subsp. wyomingensis

22' Heads ± sessile; involucre 2–4.5 mm diam, gray-hairy ..... A. arbuscula

24. Flowers 3–6 per head

25. Leaves of flower-stem shallowly lobed or distal entire; involucre 3–4.5 mm diam ..... subsp. arbuscula

25' Leaves of flower-stem deeply lobed; involucre 2–3 mm diam ..... subsp. longiloba

24' Flowers 8–23 per head

26. Plant sticky-resinous; leaves evergreen ..... A. rothrockii (2)

26' Plant not sticky; leaves ± winter-deciduous ..... A. spiciformis (2)

21' Plant generally > 4 dm; inflorescence generally > 3 cm wide

27. Heads >= 3 mm diam; plant sticky-resinous; meadows, c&s High Sierra Nevada, San Gabriel Mountains, San Bernardino Mountains, n East of Sierra Nevada, White and Inyo Mountains ..... A. rothrockii (2)

27' Heads generally < 3 mm diam (generally 4.5–6 mm in Artemisia spiciformis); plant not sticky; mtns, dry valleys, widespread

28. Leaves entire to irregularly 3–6-toothed, partly deciduous; plant sprouting from roots; moist slopes, rocky meadows, High Sierra Nevada, White and Inyo Mountains > 2000 m ..... A. spiciformis (2)

28' Leaves generally regularly 3-lobed or toothed at tip, wedge-shaped, evergreen; plant not root-sprouting; widespread ..... A. tridentata (in part)

29. Plants with a flat-topped crown; inflorescence rising above truncate vegetative portion, narrow, branches generally erect ..... subsp. vaseyana

29' Plants with a rounded crown; inflorescence amongst as well as surpassing distal-most vegetative branches, widely branching, branches erect to spreading or drooping

30. Inflorescence branches generally drooping; fruit hairy ..... subsp. parishii

30' Inflorescence branches erect to generally spreading; fruit glandular ..... subsp. tridentata


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