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Specimen numbers are hyperlinked to records in the Consortium of California Herbaria data view where possible. Taxa are hyperlinked to entries in the Jepson Interchange via the "[Online Interchange]" link.


Biennial. Stem: 1–several, branched distally. Leaf: basal and cauline, alternate, long-petioled, widely ovate; base deeply cordate; margin entire or toothed; gradually reduced distally on stem. Inflorescence: heads discoid, in leafy-bracted clusters; involucre ± spheric; phyllaries graduated in many series, ± linear, bases appressed, tips stiffly radiating, hooked-spiny; receptacle ± flat, epaleate, bristly. Flower: many; corolla pink to ± purple, lobes narrowly triangular; anther base tailed, tips ovate, acute to obtuse; style branched just above distal hairy ring, branches oblong, obtuse. Fruit: ± compressed, rough or ribbed, glabrous, attachment basal; pappus several series of rough bristles, readily deciduous.
10 species: Eurasia, northern Africa. (Greek: bear) [Keil 2006 FNANM 19:168–171]
Unabridged references: [Duistermaat 1996 Gorteria Suppl. 3:1–143]

Key to Arctium

1. Heads generally 25–40 mm diam, generally long-peduncled in ± rounded or flat-topped clusters; inner phyllaries generally green, margins minutely hairy; pappus 2–6 mm ..... A. lappa

1' Heads generally 10–25 mm diam, sessile to short-peduncled in raceme- or panicle-like clusters; inner phyllaries generally purple-tinged, margins minutely serrate; pappus ± 2 mm ..... A. minus


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