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Linda E. Watson

Annual, perennial herb, often aromatic; herbage strigose to long-soft-hairy or ± glabrous. Stem: 1–5+, decumbent to erect, generally branched. Leaf: most cauline, alternate, petioled or sessile, ± obovate to spoon-shaped, 1–3-pinnately divided. Inflorescence: heads radiate [discoid], 1 or in rounded to flat-topped clusters; involucre obconic to hemispheric or wider, phyllaries persistent, generally 21–35+, ± graduated in 3–5 series, free, generally lanceolate, oblong, or elliptic, margin and tip scarious, receptacle hemispheric to narrowly conic, paleate throughout or distally; paleae awl-shaped or elliptic to obovate. Ray flower: (0)5–20+, pistillate or sterile (style present); corolla white [yellow or pink]. Disk flower: generally 100–300+; corolla generally yellow, tube << funnel-shaped throat, swollen, lobes ± triangular; anther tip ± ovate; style tips truncate. Fruit: obovoid to obconic or top-shaped, round or 4-angled, generally 10-ribbed, smooth or tubercled, glabrous; pappus 0 or crown-like.
± 175 species: Europe, western Asia, northern Africa. (Greek: flower) [Watson 2006 FNANM 19:537–538] Cota tinctoria (L.) Guss. [Anthemis tinctoria L. in TJM (1993)] occasional escape from cultivation.
Unabridged note: Cota tinctoria (L.) J. Gay ex Guss. (Anthemis tinctoria L. in TJM (1993)) occasional escape from cultivation.

Key to Anthemis

1. Ray flower pistillate; receptacle paleate throughout, paleae lanceolate to oblanceolate, weakly folded, ± keeled, tip spiny-acuminate; fruit ribs smooth or weakly tubercled; stem branched mostly proximally ..... A. arvensis

1' Ray flower sterile; receptacle paleate distally, paleae needle-like to awl-shaped; fruit ribs ± tubercled; stem branched distally or ± throughout ..... A. cotula


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