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Perennial herb, subshrub [shrub]. Leaf: cauline, opposite or distal alternate, petioled; blade elliptic to triangular, entire or toothed, generally 3-veined from base. Inflorescence: heads discoid, 1 or in ± flat-topped cyme-like clusters; involucre bell-shaped, phyllaries ± equal, in 1–2(3) series, linear to narrowly lanceolate; receptacle flat to conic, epaleate. Flower: 10–60; corolla ± white to pink-tinged or lavender, cylindric (or throat wider); style branches linear. Fruit: 5-angled, generally 5-ribbed; pappus of 5–40 slender scabrous bristles, often easily detached.
± 250 species: North America to South America. (Latin: resembling Ageratum) [King & Robinson 1987 Monogr Syst Bot Missouri Bot Gard 22:428–436; Nesom 2006 FNANM 21:547–553]
Unabridged references: [Nesom 2006 FNANM 21:547–553]

Key to Ageratina

1. Heads generally solitary (rarely 2–3) ..... A. shastensis

1' Heads clustered

2. Leaves alternate distally on stem; heads 8–10 mm ..... A. occidentalis

2' Leaves opposite throughout; heads 6–8 mm

3. Leaf blade generally 40–100 mm; petiole generally 20–40 mm ..... A. adenophora

3' Leaf blade generally 15–55 mm; petiole generally 5–10 mm ..... A. herbacea


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