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Guy L. Nesom & Meredith A. Lane

Subshrub, appearing glabrous. Stem: decumbent to erect, striate; old stems gray, bark sometimes shreddy with age; young stem proximally white, distally green. Leaf: simple, proximally sometimes in axillary clusters, spreading-ascending to appressed-erect, linear to oblong or narrowly oblanceolate, generally minutely stiff-pointed, pale green to light gray-green. Inflorescence: heads radiate or discoid, 1 or in rounded to ± flat-topped clusters, small in bud, expanding rapidly in fruit; involucre widely bell-shaped to ± spheric; phyllaries 20–24, graduated in 2–3 series, ovate to ovate-elliptic, bases cream-yellow, tips green, margins scarious; receptacle deeply pitted, with projections between flowers, epaleate. Ray flower: present or 0; corolla yellow. Disk flower: 14–80; corolla funnel-shaped, yellow, sinuses deep, lobes spreading to reflexed; anther tip acute; style tips lanceolate. Fruit: densely long-hairy, hairs white, bronze, or ± brown; pappus of 20–25 wide, stiff, wide-spreading bristle-like scales, slightly > fruit.
2 species: southwestern United States. (Greek: unbending pappus) [Nesom 2006 FNANM 20:184–185]
Unabridged references: [Lane 1988 Madroño 35:247–265]

Key to Acamptopappus

1. Heads radiate, generally solitary; involucre bell-shaped to hemispheric, 7–10 mm diam ..... A. shockleyi

1' Heads discoid, generally in rounded to flat-topped clusters; involucre hemispheric to spheric, 8–16 mm diam ..... A. sphaerocephalus

2. Leaf faces densely rough-puberulent ..... var. hirtellus

2' Leaf faces glabrous (margins sometimes sparsely rough-puberulent) ..... var. sphaerocephalus


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