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E. penduliflora Benth. WHISPERING BELLS
Annual, glandular, sticky, odorous. Stem: erect, 5–85 cm, branches 0–many. Leaf: basal and cauline, alternate; lower short-petioled, upper sessile, generally clasping, 1–12 cm, generally < 3 cm wide, toothed to deep-pinnate-lobed. Inflorescence: terminal; pedicels 5–15 mm, 12–25 mm in fruit, thread-like, ± subspreading to recurved. Flower: calyx lobes 4–11 mm, 1–4 mm wide, lanceolate to ovate, glandular; corolla 6–15 mm, bell-shaped, white, yellow, or pink, glandular-hairy, persistent in age, withering, papery, enclosing fruit; stamens included, generally equal, attached ± at same level; ovary chambers appearing 2, style included, 1–4 mm, lobes 2. Fruit: capsule, 7–10 mm, 2–4 mm wide, glandular. Seed: 6–15, flat, wide-elliptic, brown; surface honeycombed.
n=18. [Online Interchange]

Key to Emmenanthe penduliflora

1. Corolla yellow to cream; fruit oblong ..... var. penduliflora

1' Corolla white to pink; fruit ovoid ..... var. rosea


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