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Robert E. Preston & Lauramay T. Dempster, except as noted

Annual to tree, vine. Leaf: generally opposite (whorled), entire; stipules generally fused to stem, adjacent pairs occasionally fused, or occasionally leaf-like and appearing like whorled leaves. Inflorescence: cyme, panicle, spike, cluster, or flower 1, generally terminal and ± axillary. Flower: generally bisexual; calyx ± 4(5)-lobed, occasionally 0 (Galium, Crucianella) or 6 (Sherardia); corolla generally radial, 4(5)-lobed; stamens epipetalous, alternate corolla lobes, generally included; ovary generally inferior, chambers generally 2 or 4, style 1(2). Fruit: drupe, berry, or 2 or 4 nutlets [capsule].
± 500 genera, 6000 species: worldwide, especially tropics; many cultivated, including Coffea, coffee; Cinchona, quinine; many ornamental. [Robbrecht & Manen 2006 Syst & Geogr Plant 76:85–146] Diodia teres Walter doubtfully in California. —Scientific Editors: Douglas H. Goldman, Bruce G. Baldwin.
Unabridged references: [Dempster 1979 Fl California 4(2):1–47]

Key to Rubiaceae

1. Shrub or small tree

2. Inflorescence a dense, spheric head, flowers >> 50; fruit 2–4 dry, brown nutlets; leaves not fleshy ..... CEPHALANTHUS

2' Inflorescence a short, compound cyme, flowers 1–5; fruit drupe, orange-red; leaves fleshy ..... [COPROSMA]

1' Annual to subshrub

3. Leaves all opposite

4. Flowers sessile, axillary, 1–many per node ..... [DIODIA]

4' Flowers long-pedicelled; inflorescence terminal cyme, open, few-flowered ..... KELLOGGIA

3' Leaves generally whorled

5. Inflorescence a dense spike, bracts overlapping; calyx 0 ..... CRUCIANELLA

5' Inflorescence not a spike; calyx present or 0

6. Flowers pedicelled (except Galium murale), in panicles, clusters of 2–many, occasionally 1; involucre 0; calyx 0 ..... GALIUM

6' Flowers sessile, in few-flowered heads; involucre bracts ± free, ± = leaves; calyx 6-lobed ..... SHERARDIA


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