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Key to Rhamnaceae

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1. Flowers conspicuous; petals generally 5; petals, sepals, pedicels white to deep blue or pink ..... CEANOTHUS

1' Flowers inconspicuous; petals 0–5, generally green or white; sepals, pedicels white, green, or gray

2. Fruit a capsule

3. Branches opposite, green; twigs jointed at base; South Coast, Peninsular Ranges ..... ADOLPHIA

3' Branches alternate, ± white; twigs not jointed at base; s Mojave Desert, Sonoran Desert ..... COLUBRINA

2' Fruit a drupe

4. Fruit of 2–4 separate stones; widespread

5. Winter bud scales 0; petals 5; sepals fleshy, erect, keeled adaxially ..... FRANGULA

5' Winter bud scales present; petals 0 or 4–5; sepals thin, spreading, not keeled adaxially ..... RHAMNUS

4' Fruit of 1 stone; Desert, e Peninsular Ranges, South Coast

6. Petals 0; disk 0 or thin in early flower ..... CONDALIA

6' Petals 5; disk thick, ± obscuring ovary in early flower ..... ZIZIPHUS


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