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Key to Ranunculaceae

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1. Flower bilateral; sepals petal-like, not alike, uppermost spurred or hooded, generally > others

2. Uppermost sepal hooded, not spurred, enclosing petals, stamens ..... ACONITUM

2' Uppermost sepal spurred, ± flat or curved but not hooded, generally not enclosing petals, stamens

3. Annual, generally from taproot; petals 2, fused; pistil 1 ..... CONSOLIDA

3' Perennial herb, generally from ± fibrous or fleshy roots; petals 4, free; pistils 3(5) ..... DELPHINIUM

1' Flower radial; sepals petal-like or not, ± alike

4. Sepal spurs present, petal spurs 0; plant generally tufted; leaves basal, simple, linear ..... MYOSURUS

4' Sepal spurs 0, petal spurs occasional; plant not tufted; leaves generally basal and cauline, generally dissected or compound (or basal, simple, lanceolate to reniform)

5. Pistils 1; fruit a berry ..... ACTAEA

5' Pistils (1)2–many; fruit achene or follicle (± utricle in Trautvetteria)

6. Ovules >= 2 per ovary; fruit follicle

7. Petals spurred ..... AQUILEGIA

7' Petals 0 or not spurred

8. Leaf simple ..... CALTHA

8' Leaf compound

9. Plant from slender rhizomes or stolons, scapose; sepals 5–8, linear; petals 5–7 ..... COPTIS

9' Plant from clustered, slender to fusiform or ± spheric fleshy roots, not scapose; sepals generally 5, oblong to obovate; petals 0 ..... ENEMION

6' Ovule 1 per ovary; fruit achene (± utricle in Trautvetteria)

10. Cauline leaves generally opposite or 0 but involucre bracts leaf-like, generally in 1–2 whorls of 2–5

11. Plant perennial herb, not vine; basal leaves present, cauline 0 but involucre bracts leaf-like, generally in 1–2 whorls of 2–5; inflorescence terminal; sepals 5–10 ..... ANEMONE

11' Plant ± woody vine; basal leaves 0, cauline generally many, opposite; inflorescence axillary; sepals generally 4 ..... CLEMATIS

10' Cauline leaves alternate or 0

12. Perianth parts in 2 whorls; sepals generally green to ± yellow, not petal-like; petals 3–many, yellow to orange, occasionally white or purple

13. Anthers ± purple; petals yellow to orange, base ± purple, nectaries 0 ..... ADONIS

13' Anthers yellow; petals generally yellow, occasionally white or purple, nectaries near base ..... RANUNCULUS

12' Perianth parts in ± 1 whorl (inner << outer, gland-like in Ranunculus hystriculus); sepals generally green to white or ± purple, petal-like or not; petals generally 0

14. Leaf compound, leaflets entire, crenate, or lobed; flower unisexual or bisexual ..... THALICTRUM

14' Leaf simple, crenate to deeply lobed; flower bisexual

15. Leaf crenate to palmately lobed, lobes rounded to obtuse, entire to toothed or lobed; inflorescence scapose, flowers 1(3); sepals 6–13 mm, blade ± flat; petals 2–4 mm, gland-like ..... Ranunculus hystriculus

15' Leaf deeply palmately lobed, lobes ± wedge-shaped, toothed distally; inflorescence not scapose, flowers >= 5 in terminal panicle; sepals 2.5–6 mm, blade cup-like; petals 0 ..... TRAUTVETTERIA


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