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Charles N. Horn & Elizabeth McClintock

Annual, perennial herb, submersed, emergent, floating, or on wet ground. Leaf: simple, alternate or whorled, ± in basal rosette or not; blade linear (especially underwater) to round, sometimes sagittate or cordate, base generally sheathing, veins parallel; petiole inflated or not. Inflorescence: raceme, spike, panicle, or 1-flowered, terminal but often appearing ± axillary, subtended by sheathing bract. Flower: bisexual, radial or ± bilateral; perianth lobes 6 (in 2 series) [3,4], petal-like; stamens 3, 6 (in 2 series) [1,4], from various levels on perianth tube, equal or not, sometimes 3 sterile, modified; ovary superior, 1 or 3-chambered. Fruit: many-seeded, loculicidal capsule [1-seeded utricle]. Seed: < 1 cm, longitudinally ribbed [or not].
± 6 genera, 30 species: most pantropical, some temperate. [Horn 2003 FNANM 26:22–45] Some cultivated as orns, some weeds, especially in rice fields. Pontederia cordata L. <WEEDINESS SYMBOL 1> establishes from garden waste. —Scientific Editor: Thomas J. Rosatti.
Unabridged references: [Eckenwalder, J.E. and S.C.H. Barrett. 1986. Phylogenetic systematics of Pontederiaceae. Syst. Bot. 11: 373–391.]

Key to Pontederiaceae

1. Plant generally free-floating; petiole inflated or not; inflorescence few- to many-flowered ..... EICHHORNIA

1' Plant generally submersed, emergent, or on wet ground; petiole not inflated; inflorescence generally 1- or few-flowered

2. Inflorescence generally 1-flowered; stamens 3; perianth salverform, tube > 1 cm ..... HETERANTHERA

2' Inflorescence few-flowered; stamens 6; perianth bell-shaped to rotate, tube < 1 cm ..... MONOCHORIA


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